Super Performing Stocks (SPS)

The strategy with a checklist & proven Framework to Boost your portfolio to 10x - 20x 

About Super Performing Stocks

In our experience as a Trading community, a common problem we notice is that people often dive into the market without the right mindset. we believe that mind constitutes 50 %, money management 30%, and set up 20% of successful trading. This course is designed to address this challenge by providing you with a mechanical setup, clear rules, and multiple checklists. It aims to help you build the right mindset, guiding you from being a novice to becoming a skilled trader, starting from ground zero to becoming a hero in the trading world.

Objective : 

Our goal is to find low-risk - high-reward multi-bagger stocks that have the potential to transform your portfolio 10x to 50x over the long term.

Content :

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Last 10 year Super performing stock Blueprint

Course Duration:  6 hours.




in 2 years


in 2 years


in 1 years


in 3 years

Note: NiftyMillionaire is an educational service, not advisory; trading based on it is at your own risk. The above example shows the potential of the framework. This Data was created on 26 February 2024.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course duration? 

Course duration is 65 minus. But you see according to your time it’s an online course. Also, you are able to see previous mentorship sessions so you can resolve your query. 

How do I know about the upcoming mentorship program?

 Once you take the explosive stock blueprint you get access to the teachable course and add to the Niftymillionaire Tribe community. So you will get updates via slack, telegram - e-mail and through our members.