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Pratik patel is one of us: An engineering dropout & has been an independent trader for over 17 years. He has a family business in real estate, however, his passion for the stock market brought him into this industry. After speaking to over 5000 traders and seeing them lose their hard-earned money, He founded NiftyMillionaire in April 2013.  He transformed his passion into a business. He is a self-taught investor to teaches India how to become independent and use the stock market as an instrument of financial growth. 

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--> Only Less Than 1% of Active Traders Outperform Bank FDs 

Because 99% Trader Don't know the answers to these 3 questions


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Frequently Asked Questions 

How Does Niftymillionaire Help Me?

The Nifty Millionaire is a platform that teaches a framework for stock selection, offering real stock examples and hands-on practice with a community of like-minded individuals.

Can you first help me with a basic understanding of the market? 

Yes. We offer basic market knowledge including trading concepts and terminology, alongside Blueprints for trade planning and access to past webinars by Pratik Patel on our Teachable Portal.

Do you charge for membership?

Yes, you can check the Pricing page for more details. If you are interested in learning for free, go through the free tutorial and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Niftymillionaire is advisory company ? 

No. Our platform aims to empower you with a learning and discipline-based trading framework, supporting your financial goals alongside a vibrant community. However, any trading decisions made using our information are entirely at your own risk. 

If I have douts, is there someone I can talk to?

If you're a premium member, you'll have weekly live mentoring sessions where you can ask anything. If you need assistance, you can email us at, speak to your club manager, or send a message on WhatsApp to +91 93248 55550 or +91 94997 65478.

How much amount I need to invest? 

First, learn the trading framework and mindset; then invest based on your confidence and capacity. 

I am not from India. Can I also take this Mentoship?

Mentorship is available in both English and Hindi for online courses, with Hindi as the primary language. It's accessible from anywhere globally.