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#niftymillionairetribe is the newest, most exciting and most rewarding way to access the financial markets by linking traders from all over India into one big network. Social trading empowers traders to use each other’s skills to trade smarter together, and that collective wisdom can take your trading to a level you never thought was possible before. 


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Develop 1% Trader Mindset with

Aware of Global Trends and Making the Right Strategies.Global Market analysis of the Us market, featuring S&P, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and commodity-driven country’s demand supply to individual stocks.

Learn market psychology with expert trader Investing for success often has more to do with a trader’s mindset—trading psychology and discipline—than it does with the markets. 

Exclusive 5 Frameworks

1.Super performing Stocks

Identifying Super Performing Multibaggers From the Market with Proven Strategy. 

2. Explosive Stock's Blueprint

Stocks with explosively great returns in just a few weeks to a few months you will learn one proven strategy to identify potential stocks from the stock market under the guidance of an expert trader so you have chances to gain more profit.

3. Commonsense Investing 

How do you think about investing in the Brand You use every day? You can create wealth by observing your daily routine products or services as an integral part of your life, as they could be potential investment opportunities. In this course, you will learn how to identify triggers, and investing in such companies can contribute to your wealth generation. 

4.Buying on Bad News

Let’s first understand the basics. Why do stock prices fall? if the supply is high and the demand is less then the share price will fall. 

Further, the reason for the decrease in the demand or supply of a stock depends on several factors, Like Negative news can decrease the demand for the stock which will further lead to a decrease in its share price. 

This course helps you to understand that bad news isn't always bad for investors; it can be an opportunity to snag stocks at lower prices. Learn to navigate these traps and keep winning stocks in your portfolio. Don't miss out on mastering the art of buying on bad news!

5. Risk Management 

"Protect your money with these golden rules:

Rule 1 - Protect Your Money. 

Rule 2 - Remember Rule 1." Wise words from Warren Buffett! 

Avoid turning investing into gambling by mastering risk management. Our course focuses on protecting your capital to keep you cool during market ups and downs With a clear risk strategy, avoid impulsive decisions fueled by fear or greed. It's not just about minimizing losses; it's about spotting opportunities with great risk-reward ratios.

Take charge of your financial journey with effective risk management. 

Offer Fee: Rs. 24,500/ year (Limited period offer)

Regular Price: Rs. 30,000/ year

Note: It's an Online Course [ previous mentorship Recording available ]. you can access anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection. 


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Will Niftymillionaire take my Demat ID and password ?

 No. We will never take your Demat ID and password. Never share your ID password if anyone asks.

What do I get from the Nifty Millionaire Tribe membership?

With this plan, you'll be able to access: 

These 5 courses on Teachable

1.Super performing Stocks

2.Explosive Stock's Blueprint

3.Commonsense Investing

4.Buying on Bad News

5.Risk Management  

+ Webinars + Monthly conference calls + Regular mentorship program with experts via Zoom with experts. Additionally, You'll get access to the Nifty Millionaire Tribe community on Slack application