Buying On Bad News 

Markets around the world are driven by two strong emotions- Greed and Fear.

 Be Greedy when others are Fearful; Be Fearful when others are Greedy.


when retailers or weak players are selling heavily on bad news due to their fear strong players like operators make the best use of this situation and they are heavily accumulating their positions in selected stocks. 

Once the accumulation by operators is over at the low price level, the market starts gaining rapidly without giving any chance to retailers to enter their positions. On the contrary, retailers keep shoring such advancing stocks which harms them more and more.  this results in a huge loss to them and they keep shorting at lower price levels in the false hope or anticipation of another bear run in that stock or index.

The solution to the above problems is - Buy on Bad News.

Framework Objective : 

Learn how to protect your high-performing stocks from being dropped due to misleading media information & develop an understanding of how to identify the best stocks from the bad news and generate extraordinary wealth.

Content :



in 7 Months


in 1.5 Year


in 7 Months


in 3 Years

Note: NiftyMillionaire is an educational service, not advisory; trading based on it is at your own risk. The above example shows the potential of the framework. This Data was created on 26 February 2024.