Commonsense Investing

How Your Daily Routine Can Inspire Investing Ideas.


Ever thought about your daily routine as an investment opportunity? 

Does it begin with a cup of sizzling, hot tea (TATA), before breakfast (ITC Aashirvaad)? Do you then, step out in your car (MARUTI), while stopping at the HPCL Petrol pump on the way to work? The network provider that you use (Bharti Airtel/Reliance), the banks you have an account in (SBI/HDFC), the vehicles we drive, and the dozens or hundreds of products and services you use regularly have become an integral part of our life without us even realising it.

Chances are, there won’t be a day when you won’t need tea, or a Bank, an automobile, food, daily supplies, electricity, and a working cell phone connection.

These products and services are going to stay in a consumer’s life and thrive in the years to come. Why — because we are a creature of habit. A Colgate a Maruti car or a Hindustan Lever product is more of a habit than a choice, and habits are hard to break.

 Explore the triggers of investing in the companies behind your everyday products and services... Join us to turn your habits into smart investment choices! 

Course Objective : 

Many people have the misconception that money cannot be made without technical knowledge but the best opportunity always starts with common sense. We have come up with a unique framework for common sense investing. This framework covering stock selection, Triggers, entry-exit, and stop-loss strategies, proving that the best opportunities often stem from simple, practical wisdom. 

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Note: NiftyMillionaire is an educational service, not advisory; trading based on it is at your own risk. The above example shows the potential of the framework. This Data was created on 26 February 2024.