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Our CEO at 'Niftymillionaire' Pratik Patel oversees the business and overall growth. He also handles strategic planning, marketing, finance management, and digital development.

 Pratik Patel is an engineering dropout & has been an independent trader for over 17 years. He has a family business in real estate, however, his passion for the stock market brought him into this industry. After speaking to over 5000 traders and seeing them lose their hard-earned money, He founded NiftyMillionaire in April 2013. 

He is also an equity research analyst and an active trader covering all aspects of the market, for that he hosts webinars, live sessions, monthly conference calls, and meet-ups for aware traders. 

Pratik Patel believes in convincing everyone to create serious long-term wealth from the market. he said Remember – “Good things take time.”

Nifty millionaire is India's Largest Profitable Trading Community

Nifty Millionaire community is built on Consistency, Transparency, and Discipline. As Zerodha's CEO, Nithin Kamath said  Less than 1% of active traders beat bank FDs.  Our goal is to increase those who make consistent profits by providing top-notch education and resources along with live Market support. Over the past 10 years, we have transformed many stock market gamblers into professional Independent traders. 

Why choose Niftymillionaire

Our niftymillionare community goes beyond conventional education by offering live feeds of trading activity and wondering how it benefits you. Information is power! By staying informed about professional traders ' actions, you gain valuable insights into market trends, innovative processes, and trading ideas.  

Follow the professionals and elevate your trading game. Choose us for a smarter approach to financial success!

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Experience engaging and interactive learning!

 Access our Niftymillioanire community from anywhere with internet connectivity.  Our courses use simple methods to make financial education interesting and accessible. 

Enjoy regular mentorship from experts for problem-solving and clarity. Don't worry about missing a session – catch up with recorded videos. 

 Dive into an exciting journey of knowledge with us!


We are a practically consistently profitable trading community and we will make you too!

Our mentor provides you with the best knowledge and practice with an actual profitable mindset.

They share their experiences and show you how to apply the concepts learned.

Our Mission & Vision 


We want to create 1,00,000 Independent consistently profitable traders in India by empowering individuals in the stock market by offering education, discipline, and a proven strategy for consistently high returns with lower risk.

 We're dedicated to teaching passionate and patient trading. 


As a leading financial institution, our vision is to help clients gain an understanding of the financial market and achieve higher returns on their investments.

Our goal is to provide practical experiences in real time to improve the decision-making process. 

Let's Explore, learn, and be financially free with us! 

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