Do you give Invoice of fees/charges paid to membership?

Yes. We give you Invoice via email after Your membership active.

Do you provide trial or sample calls?

No, We dont Provide Trial Because We are not Tips providing company. We are in to business of Wealth generation & It is long term Process. Trial is Trap for Traders & investor. Why? Click Here

Should a hedged position be taken for your trades PUT/CALL?

No, Not always you should trade in Options of our trades, But whenever we will find opportunity to trade in PUT/CALL we will recommend you.

Should we Reverse position, If Stop loss triggered or stand out?

When Stop loss triggered we will close our position and we will wait for the opportunity.

Across the months for all trades, should we keep constant number of lots?

As we are following Compounding method(Reinvesting of profit), On yearly basis we will re invest our profit and according to that portfolio, Nifty Millionaire will tell you that now from how much lot you have to trade.

How many lot should I trade ?

Never Take Risk of more then  5 to 7% of your portfolio,  We will never suggest you to take Limit/Leverage from your broker.

What should be the Risk:reward per Trade?

We are taking 5 to 7% Risk on each trade of your Invested Portfolio/Capital. Reward is unlimited as top traders are trend traders so our target price will be never pre decided. Till trend continue we will hold the position.

Initially How much amount I need to Invest?

Initially, you have to Invest Rs. 1.10-1.5 lakh

Do I Own my money or I have to give it to Nifty Millionaire?

NO, you do not have to give your money to nifty millionaire, You are the owner of your money and your portfolio amount would be with you only and would be in your account and would be with whoever is your broker.

Why we don’t provide target?

Putting target restricts your profit range. You must have observed that when you are into profit, you tend to book it sooner also we do not do any prediction so actually we don’t have any idea of the duration we are going to hold the position.

What is the guarantee that my money will not get lesser than my investment?

If you truly understand money management, risk management and trade management and follow it religiously then there is no way that your money is going to be lesser than your investment. It can reduce for the time being if in case you face losses in the beginning of your entry however if you have the patience to stock to the market fearlessly for the whole year, you will observe significant growth on your investment.

How should I believe that what you are saying would actually happen?

We always believe in maintaining complete transparency. Following information will help you to believe on this system:


I have taken a lot of services but never made profit. How can we trust you?

You can go through our fund report on the website. To support the reality of our trades, Real Trading Contract Notes are also updated on the website. Along with all this still if you are not in confidence then take 5 days free access of Niftymillionairetribe (Slack) . and then decide. through Slack you will be able to directly connected with our Professional traders and also all the members of Nifty millionaire. you can ask your all the queries and confusion over there. And then decide on the basis of your experience. that do you want to start working with Nifty Millionaire. 

In case if I am not able to trade due to some reason?

This is something you need to be careful about. Due to any reason if you think that you won’t be able to trade, please take help of your broker. Since these are live trades so you need to execute them as soon as possible.


What if we are holding position and market opens up with gap up or gap down.

Generally we enter into the market only when it follows a particular trend – either upward or downward. In such case gap-up and gap-down cases happen hardly once in a year. You don’t need to think about such rare cases. For ex: if an accident occurs on a road you cross frequently, you do not stop walking to that path.

Why the top traders are sharing their trade with you?

They are not losing anything by sharing their trade with us. In fact by just doing the same they used to do before if they are making extra bucks, do you think that they are at any loss.


I am new in the market, understood your concept and also have required fund available in my account but I think that should take some time to study about future market and then start?

All the segments in the market are almost same. When you started your trading career at that moment you did not know about the segment you are already working into however now you are at a level as per your knowledge is concerned. So do not think more just start and would learn gradually. Apart from this you purely have to follow top fund managers who are already having experience in this market for more than 25 years.

Why do you provide very less number of trades?

We pay no attention to the number of trades as we are here not to trade. In fact we are here to create wealth. Even if we do less no. of trades, we would be able to generate good returns. Moreover if you trade more, you earn for your broker and you also disturb your personal and professional life.

Is your company registered under SEBI?

*Professional investors/trader on niftymillionaire platform is  Bindul shah. (Sebi Registered) Sebi Registration : INH000003663 

Click here. 

Can I pay your subscriptions on Installment basis?

We don’t have any fixed pattern of trading. We make an entry when we see a particular trend in the market is going to be followed and exit when the trend reversal is likely to take place. Our methodology is also based on the annual return basis and hence we charge an advance payment for the whole year in the beginning. In such scenario, creating an option for installments payments are not possible.

I can’t pay in advance, take profit sharing?

In our concept of working, we cannot monitor everyone’s profit and it will also beat our purpose of helping every individual with the best financial service and treating them equally as wealth creation is everyone’s need.

I am not interested in seeing your past performance. I want to see your current entry and exit pattern. I am ready to pay you for a month or two so that I can observe you and if feels good, will make the full year payment.

I appreciate you for this understanding. For this purpose you can use our new application Niftymillionairetribe (Slack). through this you will be able to get all the detailed information as what nifty millionaire is doing and how members  and professional traders are interacting each other.  then also you can see the contract notes of that trade so you easily can see that whatever trades we are updating that is also supported by its contract notes.

Can you first help me with basic understanding of market?

We would be happy to inform you that we also everyone with Financial education. We have a lot of educational webinar in the past. Please go to youtube and listens them and you will get good chunk of knowledge and for more than that you have to practically experience it.

You are in Safe Hands

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