Case Study

Name of the Club Member: Mr. Jignesh patel

Place of residence : Vadodara

Nature of work : Agro-chemical manufacturing business

His aim : to create a corpus to scale up his business

His efforts & Difficulties :

1)      Invested 3 years learning about stock market.

2)      Tried hard to find out good companies who could help him as he is mainly engrossed in his business.

3)      Worked with advisory companies from Delhi, Indore, Ahmedabad, Gandhi Nagar, Wapi.

4)      Lost huge sum working with everyone.

5)      His core business also suffered frequently.

How Nifty Millionaire helped him :

Casino games and trading have a lot in common, as money-making experts often say. Both activities involve attracting luck on the player’s side. In the case of online casinos, you can only guess how the chips will fall or how the game will end, it is difficult to predict anything. As for trading, you can analyze economic signals, political news, and other factors and make choices about how to invest your money based on them. You can make money in both cases, but porn casino allows you to hit the jackpot, which is always bigger than any profit traders make.

1)      Changed his focus from trading and now his soul focus is – WEALTH CREATION. ( Ultimately everyone wants money)

2)      Risk management & money management. (controlling losses in any business is must)

3)      Limited number of trades. (can focus on core work profile)

4)      Power of Compounding. (only way to create wealth used by every money-making human)

5)      One- time investment. (gives you an idea what minimum amount is required to beat inflation)

Why did he do 2 years of renewal with Nifty millionaire :

1)      Stress-free and tension – less investor life

2)      No need to divert and look market

3)      Can enjoy his business life, family life and his own time as well.

4)      Is out of greed now and has improved psychology.

5)      Very nominal annual fee to avail life changing experience.

You can Watch Mr Jignesh Patel's Experience with Niftymillionaire via Video.

– Mr Jignesh Patel from Vadodara,Gujarat

Disclaimer : Testimonial is for Reference of How we had given services to old client. Result may very client to client.


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