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Nifty Millionaire is an exceptional team of market traders with over 25 years of combined trading experience. We have assembled some of the best minds in the industry. Niftymillionaire.com is a full-service trading education company & Tech Company,successfully mentoring prop trading firms,active screen traders, and floor trades over a decade. We help Retail Trader to Trade with Professionals. Our philosophy is to provide a one-stop trading solution by addressing all of the factors critical to trading success. These include a profitable trading system and tools as well as trading risk management and money management. When combined with live, real time trade notification and customized mentoring, the result is one of the complete programs available to help traders become successful market professionals.

We get asked the question all the time.

“WHY if you’re so good, are you guys not running a hedge fund or just trading for yourself ? Why do you share all your secrets with other people?”
It’s Important for any company that wants to be successful to have a firm understanding of their “WHY”, their purpose. Without it a business becomes more about the product rather than the mission. The first thing you should understand that Nifty millionaire is not a trader charity. We operate from an understanding that without profit we can’t fulfill our promise to those who seek us out. Beyond that, money has little to do with why we exist and how we measure success.
So what is our purpose? Simply put it is to “Build Professional Traders.” Our company exists as a support to you as YOU pursue your individual goals an interests. We succeed by helping you achieve what you want from trading. More Money? A better life for your family or children? More freedom? Whatever your aim we consider it a privilege to be a position ti help you achieve it faster and cheaper than you could on your own.
So why not a hedge fund, or perhaps a career in private equity? Why not an analyst firm?
Although it might seem silly, we believe financial gain is only a small part of happiness. As a wise man once said, “Money only solves the problems not having money creates”. With this simple yet powerful understanding we realized early on that once we could make money as trader, we wanted our life work to be about more than another zero on our bottom line.
Nifty Millionaire provides each of us the opportunity to pursue two great passions. First, to spend our days engrossed in the financial markets and collaborating with others who share our passion for trading and investing…
…And second, to be part of your life and share in the joy and excitment that comes from following your passion and achieving success.
Thank you so much for visiting the site. And we look forward to working with you.
Nifty Millionaire Whole Team.

You are in Safe Hands

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