Your Existing Portfolio can Earn For You

Do you have already Invested Portfolio in the stock market? Do you know how to generate extra income from this?


Do you know that your existing portfolio also can generate income for you?


Do you know how to manage your risk?


Do you know if tomorrow market crashes more than 20% then how your portfolio will affect and what to do to manage this condition?


Do you want to know that How does it work?


Here I am giving you a brief idea about this strategy.


We have developed a strategy after working on sentiment model more than 6 years and on basis of our study now we can conclude that “ INVESTING OR TRADING IS NOT THE STUDY OF FINANCE, ITS STUDY OF HOW PEOPLE BEHAVE WITH MONEY.

Now we are getting fruitful results by applying the same strategy to our members’ Investments.


Here I am showing you with one real example that Mr. Garg from Delhi is our member have started work with his existing portfolio of  25 lac and without adding any single penny how his portfolio earned 39.67 %. Here we have put the snapshot of his real trading so you can go through it.

We have traded on dated 23/5/2018 Buy Nifty May Future @10424 with 10 lot (qty 750) and Exit on dated 26/5/2018 @10681 and earned the profit of Rs. 383377.50 and at the same time to manage risk we hedge this position via option for that we buy put Nifty May PE 10540 @38.50 and exited @5.60 so loss Rs. -49177. So in this trade, we earned net profit is Rs.334200.


Again on dated 30/5/2018 Buy Reliance June Future @935 with 3 lot (qty 3000) and Exit on dated 7/6/2018 @968 and earned profit of Rs. 147650.

Image of reliance 

Again on dated 5/6/2018 Buy Nifty June Future @10573.34 with 20 lot (qty 1500) and Exit on dated 11/6/2018 @10743 and earned the profit of Rs. 254490 and at the same time to manage risk we hedge this position by Buying put  Nifty June PE @104.98 and exited @42.85 so loss Rs. -93198. So in this trade, we earned the net profit is Rs.161292.

Again on dated 21/6/2018 Buy Nifty July Future @10760 with 13 lot (qty 975) and exit on dated 19/7/2018 @10961 and earned profit of Rs.252345 and at the same time to manage risk, we hedge this position by Buying put Nifty July PE @118 and exited @20.75 so loss Rs. -82953. So in this trade, we earned the net profit is Rs.169392

From the above example, you can see we always have managed risk by hedging our trade. As in this strategy we always calculate VAR (value at risk) that is calculates the maximum loss expected (or worst case scenario) on an investment over a given time period. In simple words, we can conclude that we know how much we are going to lose in worst scenario hence this trading session will give you mental peace as you know this is the most important part of trading. As our members are saying that they are totally stressed free with this trading strategy.


Here You can work from your portfolio from which some funds are in holding some are in cash soon that holdings will start earning. So Let your idle portfolio to earn something for you

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Here I am showing you with another real example of our club member Mr. Patel from Pune, he earned more than a 35% return in just 4-5 months. Here we are putting his ledger so you can go through for more clarity.

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Now you believe that you can work by the execution of your portfolio but the risk will be managed by Professional traders. Because Nifty millionaires’ Professional Traders have developed a Model which is working on the basis of trader’s  Sentiments.


With help of this model they can easily able to create the hedge position and because of that they can easily able to manage your risk. And when your risk gets minimized then you will trade rationally and not in the influence of any emotion like greed or fear.


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Our Heroic Investor Management Team will assist you in your all doubts and confusion… So what are waiting for?


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*Professional investors/trader on niftymillionaire platform is Mitul shah. (Sebi Registered) Sebi Registration : INH000002707

You are in Safe Hands

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