You are the Manager of your Own Money

You are the Manager of your Money!

How does it sound?


Then get ready to become manager of your money. 

Generally, every investor in the market wants to manage their money by themselves.

But because of some reasons, they are unable to do so. like, time constraints,  unable to understand the market, etc. 

some of them are unable to do so because of they have very much less capital. That’s why this kind of traders always go for Mutual Funds SIP in which you can start with a minimum amount. 

But now don’t worry! The Direct Equity market has the same potential. even with small investments, you can get higher returns than Mutual funds SIP.

That’s why Nifty millionaire has launched a new Membership for Small Investors i.e.

Pay just 7200/- p.a.


And Enhance your Financial Freedom by investing small amounts. 


Motive Behind Discovering the Momentum Investing Process

– A Strategy That Helps You To, Hold On To Stocks For Bigger Gains,

 Actionable BUY / HOLD / Sell & Alerts Make Your Investing Easy. You don’t have to worry about entry/exit alerts of any stock Our Strategy suggest.

-You need only 1 hour a Month to manage your Direct Equity investment! No need to watch the market all time!

– The small investment is Advantage of small investor because you can enter & exit any time without influencing the Market! This is the edge of small investors.

Low Cost so you can grow your money at healthy rates by investing in Winning Stocks!

– Trusted by 2000+ Happy Investors all over India Due to the Most Transparent platform in India – niftymillionaire tribe


Mutual funds v/s Direct Equity


Mutual funds have returns of 10-15%, wherein the direct equity has the potential of 20-30% returns.

-In mutual funds, you will be always 100% invested whether it is a bull market or bearish market, wherein the direct equity market, you will not be always fully invested. You will be invested in bull markets only.

-Potential to compound your money above 25% CAGR over a decade from investments in the Direct equity.


How it will affect your lives


-You will be the manager of your funds.

-It will help to accomplish your future financial goals for eg.  Early retirement, child education, child career, etc.

-It can help you to start investing with smaller investments and gradually you can add 1000 – 5000 (whatever amount you can add) every year same as SIP but there is the potential to get more returns.


How This Momentum Investing Process will work for you


-Investors are unable to manage their risk even not able to execute their strategy with discipline. Because they never stick to one strategy. They always jump from one to another.

-That’s why from the beginning we make our clients educated and aware of the possibilities that what can happen during investing and how they will manage their risk. 

-Niftymillionaire has developed a Technological Platform i.e. ProfitGyan: India’s first risk and money management Portfolio Application which will provide you the personalized assistance for your investment without paying high fees!

Personalized Assistance will be like,


-You need just 1 hour a month to the market & your investment.  

-Even they can use all the tools which professional traders are using for investments. Like ProfitGyan.


How does it work?


Ours is not a Jackpot or Hot stock tips service, get rich quick scheme, but solid long-term compounding Process.

Unlike experts on TV, Newspapers, we do not have 10 new ideas every day.

We deeply Invest our time in to finding strongest stocks via our Algorithm & Generate Buy idea only when Favourable Risk-Reward.

Less Noise. More Disciplinary & Process Oriented Approach.

Invest In the Stock Market With Peace Of Mind.


Our Stock Selection Approach


We Take Calculated Risk in High potential Stocks identified by Our back tested Strategy for 27 years.

– We Buy When there is strong momentum
– Our Downside Risk is Limited & upside potential is Till Trend is Bullish. We Don’t set Target.
– The advantage of this Strategy is It follows Price. Price is Leading Factor for any Multibagger stocks & Upside – Unlimited & Downside Limited.
– We Evaluate our Stock holding Every Friday. If any changes we Update to the member.


-Our Mantra is,

Ride winners and cut losers           

This Is Exactly What You Get In Momentum Portfolio Membership

Stock To Buy

Access to our existing & new stock ideas as & when they are Identified.


Entry & Exit alerts on all stocks under portfolio holding.


A Dedicated Team to Help members to solve your queries via email.


Access to our Insightful webinar on Stock market, Macro Economy & where the smart money is moving their money.


Before You Decide To Subscribe To Our Membership…


We Are Not A Stock Recommendation Machine.

We Buy stocks AS & WHEN we find strong momentum or Strength.

We do not have a new stock idea every week, like our CNBC / Economic Times experts!

We work on very few stocks at a time. So if you are looking for a continuous supply of stock ideas from our side, we may not be able to live up to that expectation. 

There are years when we buy more than 10 stocks in the portfolio, and then there are months when we buy just a few stocks! Our Strategy does not generate good results in range-bound markets.

At any given point in time, we do not have more than 12 stock on the higher side. If a new stock is to buy, then one idea from the existing list goes out. This to ensure, our new idea is better than the existing ones!

A number of stock ideas depend on We find something that we understand Stock fits into our strategy.

Also, our stocks tend to give their best performance when the market is not rangebound and not in the 3rd month or so. So if you are looking for a fast money in the markets, maybe our membership may not fit the bill.


Frequently Asked Questions


Number Of Stocks in strategy: We hold max 12 stocks at a time in our Strategy. Allocation According to Risk & Money management.

When to Exit stocks: Exits are very important. We ensure our members enter / exit stocks via timely sms by Profitgyan

Time Frame: We hold Our Stocks till Momentum is Continue. In Past We have Hold stocks for few months to few years. We keep holding winning stocks.

Free Trials: There are no free trials. 

Membership Price: One wrong trade or bad advice can cost you a lot more than the price of our subscription. We are sure you agree with that! The price of the membership is Rs 7200/- inclusive all for a year!

If you have any Query, You can email us on or Call 02230987899



*Professional investors/trader on niftymillionaire platform is Bindul shah. (Sebi Registered) Sebi Registration : INH000003663 (Bindul shah Sebi Registration : INH000003663)


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