Webinar : How to say Bye-bye EMI forever from your Life ??

Are you tired of paying Home, Car and other EMI every month ?
Is your frustration bulging up month-on-month basis as a fixed amount is to paid to your bank as EMI ?
Are you looking to get a way how to save yourself from this monster called EMI ?

We understand your pain. The even bigger truth is that EMI is the most dangerous financial disease of your life as once it starts eating a fixed amount from your bank account never goes away from your life. It keeps torturing you every month. Initially you keep paying in this thought that you are adding some future value into your possessions however When you come to know how EMi is making your life hell, you just want it to get away from your life.

Niftymillionaire is back with its wonderful Training Kit and is starting a 4-day training session for you where our speakers Abishek Raaman and Pratik Patel would be examining this EMI concept in totality and how you can tackle it to make your Financial life stable and finally to have a Financially Free Life.



This Training session is going to have Four different Lessons covering taxation impacts, how EMI affects your savings, Even if you are paying EMI how you still can find a way to finish it as soon as possible with the help of some other investments, etc. We have a lot of information, a huge data, numerous facts to help you to understand this trap and to improve your financial Conditions by various means. This training session which would be conducted Once in a every week starting from 21-11-2015 is worth Rs. 25,000. Company has decided that on the account of Festival season this entire training session is going to completely Free for Niftymillionaire’s existing Club members.

The earlier session of this training was attended by more than 190 people and this makes us happy to share that few of them who had EMIs to be paid every month have been to reduce their loan amount significantly and others have also made some such investments that in near future they would be done with their loan repayment in 2-3 big payment chunks. Mr. Minesh Jaiswal , from Jamnagar even came to Mumbai to thank our team for helping them to repay his huge loan in such a short span.

We are going to have an information session for you all where we will explain you what this precious training session is going to comprise of and you can come to know how you can be a part of this life-changing training session worth Rs. 20,000.

The detail of the Information session is as follows :

Topic : Training on how to get away from EMI sooner forever

Date : 07-11-2015

Time : 04:00 – 05:00 PM

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