We want to say thank you 2

Mr. Sanjay Nakrani from Surat joined Niftymillionaire for 6 years.


Mr. Sanjay Patel says, “I have grown over as a matured trader after attending many Webinars of Niftymillionaire. I used to focus on small profits, used to keep looking at the screen whole day and was not able to focus in the office. The only good thing I did that I never missed any webinar of Niftymillionaire and that helped me to develop patience. In spite of improving my profit margin, it has also improved my relations with my family and kids as they do not find me irritated when I am back home from office in the evening.

Mr. Kiren Gudepu from USA joined Niftymillionaire for 6 years


Mr. Kiran says, “I read about Niftymillionaire at yourstory.com (www.yourstory.com/2015/05/niftymillionaire) and was completely clear with one fact that they have a wonderful concept which none of the company in India is doing of helping people to create wealth. Whatever they talked about wealth creation was something I had seen many successful people in USA were doing the same.”


What best achievement we could have expected when we are celebrating our 3rd year of existence after bootstrapping since 2013. This year also ended with lot of beautiful memories –

He liked our concept a lot and showed his interest to support us every possible way. He liked that We are Profitable !
From Right (Rajan Anandan with Pratik Patel, CEO Niftymillionaire)

2) Our success Story was covered by The Economic Times, the largest circulated finance daily in India.


In last 3 years, this is how we have performed in comparison with few best returns in Indian market.



I would also like to draw your attention towards our last 7 months performance. We did 2 trades and lost both of them. My aim to talk about it here is that before these last 2 trades, our CAGR 59% however after that it came below to 50% so the more you grow here you learn more. Even after being here for long you have to be a student here and keep learning. We are also doing the same. We are not the master of this industry and we want to be a student of stock market for always.

Whatever we could have achieved and getting recognition for is because we treat ourselves always as a learner and that is going to be key of our success and it’s going to help you too to grow here. That’s the reason we focus sincerely on imparting required knowledge about the trading and trading psychology.
Not only that, as you all know we are also a leading firm in India proving Free
education via online Seminar (www.niftymillionaire.com/webinar-financial-freedom) and Video Tutorials via our Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/user/niftymillionaire) providing the largest content volume as of today. The below chart will show our performance till now.
youtube Chart
We want to convey a big thank you to you as such an amazing milestone both in trading returns and in Trading related Education would have never been possible without every one of you.
With the limited resources and with a very small amount of annual subscription fee, we have been able to survive for last 3 years successfully and the main credit goes to every individual who came in contact with. Whether you are a member of ours or planning to be the one soon, we know that you have taught us a lot and supported directly or indirectly.

You are in Safe Hands

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