Ultimate guide to Successful Investing

Why are they all successful? What is common between all of them?

Let me share with you some basics of their common facts.

It is the 360° approach – Knowledge, Patience, Discipline, Allocation. Let’s understand today how they do? And does it possible for you to follow 360° Approach? Yes. Let’s Understand!

1. Knowledge: Majority of investors got failed at investing/trading in the market. why? As you know in any professional field for e.g. C.A., lawyer, Doctor Investing in the market is also Professional Job.To become Successful in any field they have to get knowledge of that field. Same with Investing, to become successful in investing you have to Learn & Get Knowledge about the market.

As you see any great investor like Warren Buffett, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala why they have mentors in their life? As Warren Buffett has Benjamin Graham as a mentor and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has Radhakishan Damani as a mentor.

Why they have mentors? Because Mentors guide them initially how to approach the market? And they share dos and don’ts about the market also they share their mistakes and success during their journey in the stock market. It helps investors to learn faster from their mentor’s experiences. But can you tell me Do you have your Mentor? 1700+ investors got their mentors at Nifty Millionaire Tribe. Do you?

2. Patience: Why You should develop Patience as investor/trader? As Warren Buffett Said,

“The Stock Market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.”  

In the Stock market, Every trade will not be with Big profitability, just a few trades/investment will have a huge impact on your portfolio’s performance. But which one will be that trade/investment, no one knows about it. You have to keep doing all investment/trade with same Discipline & Patience to get that big trade/stock idea. Investing/trading is Probability. Every investor is searching for multi-bagger stock. But can you tell me ‘Finding stock is a big problem OR Holding Winner is a problem?’ The answer is Holding Winners & Cutting loser is the only way to create wealth over a long period.

“To create Wealth you have to develop Patience”.

3. Discipline: “Building wealth is a marathon, not a sprint. Discipline is Key Ingredient to create wealth”

The stock market has always rewarded to those who are disciplined to create wealth for Long-term rather than Short term focussed. Basically, Problem with humans is that they are not wired for Discipline investing. Due to this most of Investors have missed one of opportunity for creating big change in their financial life that’s Called Financial Freedom.

As we have discussed that we are not wired to be disciplined. Does it mean can’t we become Discipline Investor? No. Every investor can be Discipline if Efforts are put in the right direction for learning & Adapt to different market situations.

We have been working hard for last 4 years at niftymillionaire to solve this problem. We have launched platform “Niftymillionaire tribe”, This platform is helping 1700+ Investors from all over the globe to Learn Discipline & Right way to doing investing in Open & Transparent Platform. Through which they will get direct guidance from professional traders. That’s why traders & investors can able to understand that how they should position themselves in different situation of stock market & Get benefit out of it without affecting their Discipline.

4. Allocation: Allocation is a very much important element in stock investing. But why? As in every investor’s life, there are few big bets. Such as Rakesh Jhunjhunwala had sesagoa and Mr. Warren Buffett had American Express. But most retail investors are not able to recognize it because of lack of 3 elements like lack of knowledge, patience & discipline. Due to this, they are not able to develop conviction. Without conviction, you can’t bet big enough that create a big impact in your financial life. After getting the same information as other successful investors still they just allocate 2% or 5% of their portfolio, it will not make any difference in their portfolio until you bet big when risk-reward is favorable.

For eg. how Ramdev Agrawal has differentiated 3 different portfolios with different allocation in the same trade. Let’s see how allocation impact on portfolio performance.

This simply shows How 3 different portfolios got different results even after investing in the same stocks. That’s why allocation is very much important for you. Because during investing no one knows about which trade will give you the whole year’s profits. As you have seen in our life our 80% results came from only 20% efforts. It equivalently applies to investment portfolio performance like your 80% returns driven by 20% of your trades.

But for that few trades (20%) you have to follow all the investing opportunity (100%) with discipline. But as a retail Investor, We focus on what we can’t control (volatility of the market or invested stocks, Portfolio returns etc.) Most of the retail investors have missed their biggest opportunity while investing because they want to time the market and do not want to give time to the market.

Like Majority of investors do position sizing according to their emotions. For eg., if they are happy ( in profits) then they will take huge quantity or if they are feeling low (faced losses) then they will take less quantity.  

That’s why to stop this emotion-driven position sizing Nifty Millionaire has launched another platform – ProfitGyan – Where Every Investor is getting personalized portfolio & Risk management on their investment. We are making it possible that was only available for HNI & big Investors “ Till now Big investors & HNI only have a personal mentor who guides them on every stock investment with personalize portfolio diversification and all like Personal driver only possible for Rich people before Uber or OLA Arrived in India!

Let me share with you some more details about the Personalized platform, that how your mentor will going to help you personally. Majority of our decisions are taken as per our past experiences. If we gained in last trade then will take maximum quantity/no of shares of any particular stock. And If we lose in last trade then will tend to take less no of shares/quantity of any particular stock. But no one knows that which one will turn a huge profit-making opportunity for you & turning point of your portfolio.

Did you ever feel the same while investing in the market?

So these all are the reason for which you are not able to control your emotions. To avoid this kind of emotional Decision, Profitgyan will give you allocation on your capital. As this platform will give you all the detail information like at which point you should enter? how much quantity should you buy? How much risk should you take according to your quantity? Like this, see below

So here in this Screenshots, you can find that both members have the different allocation of same stock (ONGC) and this allocation is according to their capital. Which is around 25% of your capital and with max Risk 2% of capital.

So this is how Nifty Millionaire is working with – NiftyMillionaire Tribe and ProfitGyan. Through both the platform you will get,


  • Transparency,
  • Real-time platform,
  • How to Control your emotions -Discipline, patience, Knowledge,
  • Getting a mentor to become Successful at investing/trading,
  • Personalise Risk management & Money management of your portfolio.

To get on both the platform – Nifty Millionaire Tribe & Profitgyan

You are in Safe Hands

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