The First Time, Professional traders are also in The Same Boat( Same Investment)

Greetings of the Day from Nifty millionaire!

Let me share Today’s Incident with you! But before that let me share What is Nifty millionaire! Niftymillionaire is learning + Earning platform. The Professional traders’ guide as per the opportunity generates in the market which has good risk-reward.

Like, From last one month, we haven’t traded any single opportunity. Therefore the majority of traders got desperate for trading and traded by their own and also faced losses.

Already we have shared with our each and every member that why we haven’t traded in that month i.e. VIX is too high also there was the volatility in the market and many other factors.

Why I have shared this incident with you because might be there are many traders in the market like our that member for whom, number of trades are much important. But let me tell u one big truth of the market is

“No trade is also a Good trade”.

Because as successful traders said, in the market, earning is not important from each trade, there will be only one or two trades which will earn for the whole year. Therefore, we have to wait for the proper opportunity to trade. As Nifty millionaire has done in the last few Months.

Take a look,

@Aprl 10 Hind Unilever From 1688 to 1747! Booked Great Profit of 17700/- on the Risk of 10000/- Take A look to see Opportunity shared only with the Premium Members of Nifty millionaire.


@Feb 27 Repcohome From 326 to 410! Booked Amazing Profits of 92400/- on the risk of 17930/- Take A look to see Opportunity shared only with the Premium Members of Nifty millionaire.


Feb 21 Tataglobal from 187 to 197.85! Holding amazing profit of Rs 22500  on the risk of  Rs 13500 Click here to Recall chart of the week given to you last week. 

January 19 Axis bank from 655 to 710! Booked amazing profit of Rs 66000 on the risk of 6000 Rs Click here to Recall chart of the week given to you.

 @ December 23 Rpower from 28 to 20! Booked amazing profit of Rs 1.28 lac on the risk of 18000 Rs Click here to Recall chart of the week given to you.


Like these, there were many opportunities from where traders have made huge returns. Yeh, there were few trades like HCL, ICICI in which we made the loss but the loss of only 1000/- to 1500/- rs.

This is what professional traders teach us, minimum risk and maximum profits! And the most important thing Why we should trust them! Because The Professional traders are also invested in the same opportunity in which u are invested. So we all are in “The Same Boat”. If we fail then all will fail, and if we succeed then everyone will be successful.

Even The Professional Trader Mr. Pratik Patel has devoted his 11 years for this life long learnings in the market. But now he wants that you also should not give your 11 years to understand these learnings. You can take his help to understand the market depth.


So what are you thinking now? 

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