The 1.5 Lac To Future Financial Secret

Dear Reader,


What is bothering you? what is it?

1. Your child’s education,

2. Child’s career,

3. Child’s marriage,

4. Your early retirement 


Let’s get insured for your Problems. But this time your insurance will be different. It’s not like as you regularly getting insured. It’s much better than your regular insurance plan.

I will help you to earn faster than ever you thought. It needed fewer efforts and lesser investments ever you thought.

This investment can give you the tremendous outcome that you can outperform yourself till now.

  1. 26.84 lacs in just 7 years
  2. 42.94 lacs in just 8 years and 3 months.
  3. 1.13 crore in just 6 years and 5 months

Of course, Everyone’s concerns are different to each other. There might be someone is bothered by their child’s education or some of them are bothered for their early & wealthy retirement. These are extraordinary past results but not fixed for future. Future is uncertain.

The important point is one does not need to work for whole life or not to bother for his/her family’s future financial life.

Now you are eager to know that how does this happen?

No need to worry, I will explain you in detail. As we all are habitual to follow our traditions. Also in finance too.

Till now, you have invested our hard earned money in Mutual funds, Fixed deposits, Regular Insurance. But when you focus on returns at that time they were always like, 10% or 15% in Mutual funds or 6% in Fixed deposits i.e. if one could be invested with 1 lakh then after 10 years it will be DOUBLE.

These Financial institutes are taking advantage of your unawareness. They have tripled their commissions in just 2 to 3 years.

As this is a time taking method. But no one is bothered for what will happen in next 5 years, even Anyone who is investing in Fixed deposits does not have an idea that in today’s time whatever is the value of 1 – 1.5 lac that will do not remain same after 5 years also.  

That’s why I wanted to make you aware that what are the responsibilities you have that will remain same after 5 years even. You have to pay for your all the responsibility whether you have the money or not.  


For eg. Can your child education be delayed? No, You have to do it anyway.


So for your better future financial life, you have to become a successful investor in today’s time.

You will be misled by many attractive offers but,  

  • Do they helpful for your future financial life?
  • Does it go to secure the future of your family?


Not a regular Insurance plan

It’s not a regular insurance plan or not investing in Mutual funds or any pension plan.

And this Insurance plan’s secret will put your destiny in your hands. You will be able to control your future plans.

But for this you need a huge amount, are you worried about this? But do not worry. As this, all the things can happen only with 1.5 lac Rs. That’s why I am calling it 1.5 lac to the future financial secret.

Isn’t sound too good to be true?

Then see yourself,

  1. Mr. Prakash, a small businessman. He has invested with 1.5 lac but now according to our last survey, in 4 years and 2 months, he has now a portfolio of 10 lacs. And this happened only with help of 1.5 lac to the future financial secret.
  2. Mr. Yogesh, a software engineer. He has invested 1.5 lacs and in just 5 years he has made 17.80 lacs. Thanks to 1.5 lac to future financial secret.

I am sure you are eager to join their journey.

Let me show you,


A Proven Financial Freedom

These are simple compounded returns. For instance, if one could have invested 1 lac and on 10% returns, he will get 1.10 lac next year. But in the next year, he will get returns on 1.10 lac i.e. 1.21 lac and likewise.

So for the whole life, we are working for 24*7 and does not have time to live our dreams. But don’t worry because this 1.5 lac to the future financial secret will allow you to live your all dreams like,

  1. You can fly for your dream vacations like Paris, Singapore
  2. Have a Jacuzzi at your bungalow terrace.
  3. Finance your child’s education at Harvard school or Oxford University.

In short, 1.5 lac can get you, your financial freedom of living or investing.

Incredible? Isn’t it?


I know this is incredible and This is the truth as you believe on proven universal truth this is same like it.

Let me show you how does this happen?


You have to start investing in stock market. Yes, the stock market. But not in the manner as you thought. Might be it is more different.

When we start investing we wanted to follow big investors – successful investors. Even you start following and even investing in that stocks where they have invested.

But you are unaware of the truth that it has already increased the price. As when big investors invest it does not get revealed. It gets revealed only when they actually want to reveal. They increase their shareholding above 1%.

They invest in small companies who have emerging future. They are different from other stocks as every blue chip company cannot grow faster like any emerging company.

Though, big blue-chip companies are quite expensive than emerging companies. In small companies, you can invest with small funds and diversify your portfolio amongst many small companies. Through that, you can grab maximum opportunities at one time.

For Instance take,

Caplin Point Laboratories Limited, It is a biggest multi-bagger company. Caplin Point Laboratories Limited was established in 1990 for manufacturing ointments, creams, lotion etc. 

It has extraordinary growth. If someone has made the investment at 18/- in 2014 and in today’s time it is around 600/-

Let’s take a look,

Not recommended by Nifty millionaire

If one could have invested in Caplin Point Laboratories Limited then he has made 33.33 times more money. 

But do you think is this possible in one night?

If someone has invested his 4 years in this, then he got this results. 

Another Example is,

Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited, It is also one of the best multi-bagger. 

Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited is developing and producing organic and inorganic pigments and effects of the pigments in plastics, coatings, cosmetics etc. 

If anyone has made an investment of 62/- rs. in 2014 and now in today’s time in 2018 it is around 500/- rs. 

Let’s take a look,

Not recommended by Nifty millionaire

It is also same as Caplin Point Laboratories Limited. As if one could have invested in, then he has made 8.2 times more money in 4 years and 2 months.  

Its truly said, Patience Pays off!

Sounds unbelievable?

Let me show you some more PROOFS

Case study #1: how the 1.5 lac to Future Financial Secret helps to get 13.20 lac in 5 years?

Avanti feeds is a Telangana based company. Which is generating revenue from shrimp feed. It’s shrimp feed exports to the different countries like Japan, U.S., Europe, Australia.

If one could have invested in Avanti feeds in past 2015 at the rate of 284 rs. per share.


Let’s look…


Not recommended by Nifty millionaire

But with investment at 284/- per share, Now in 2018, it is around 2500/- that means id one has invested in 2015 with 284 now he has made 780% and 8.80 times more money over his capital.

This shows how patience pays Off in Getting Multi-bagger Returns!


Case study #2: How if 1.5 lac may turn to 54.05 lacs in just 8 years and 8 months?

It’s headquartered in Mumbai. CEAT is manufacturing cars and its parts, wheels. They are providing fabulous service to their clients.

If One could have invested in CEAT around 2009, at the rate of 31.70 per share.


Let’s look…


Not recommended by Nifty millionaire

It has taken the time for 8 years and 8 months. But this time was a great learning for me that how to ride winners. As we all know that we should hold in profits. But we all do totally opposite of it.


Incredible again right?

1.5 lac has been invested in all above it will allow you to,

  1. Child’s better education at IIMs or Harvard school.
  2. Donate favorable charity.
  3. Travel anywhere you want.

This 1.5 lac to future financial secret works because it has a major focus on risk management, discipline, patience and money management.

It can help you to live your life at your choices. You or from your family, no one has to do any kind of sacrifice.

I know what you are thinking?

If this secret is this much successful then why not everyone is not following this!

This is because Everyone does not have the patience to compound their money!

No one wants to wait for long term like 4-5 years. Every trader is single focused as Mr. Rakesh jhunjhunwala has earned this much huge amount, but no one is focusing on that he has to hold that stock for 8 years. It is not an overnight success.

Every trader is ready to follow his all the stocks but no one is ready to follow his mindset.

With just single focus, they will invest in that stock when it’s share prices have already been increased.


A Little story of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala


Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has bought 6 crore shares of Titan in 2002-03 at an average price of around Rs 3. The stock is currently trading at 920 Rs level and his investment value is now 7,067.36 crore, which made around 1.28 cr per day for him.

But every trader is focusing in only on crores, not on time, that he has to wait for 17 years to get this value.

So the moral of the story is if one wants to follow Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, then along with his stocks he has to follow his mindset (patience) too.

So the power of patience and emerging stocks proved that this is the definite way to build financial freedom / massive wealth.

So through all these examples, I want to prove you that,


This has already happened, This is happening and It can happen to you too.  


As Nifty Millionaire’s first priority is you and solving your queries. It is Majorly focused on, are you satisfied with your Experience with Niftymillionaire?

For your Problems, Niftymillionaire has developed a Technological Platform like,


  1. ProfitGyan – India’s first Risk and Money Management Platform.
  2. Niftymillionaire Tribe – Your Social Investment Network.

As ProfitGyan is managing your portfolio. It will guide you according to your risk-bearing capacity. Along with Money management of your Portfolio i.e. how much to allocate in per stock.

Niftymillionaire Tribe is the platform, which is connecting you with all the investors and professional investors who will provide you the personal assistant.

At Nifty millionaire, they will guide you through all the proofs like fundamentals details or technical reports. Unlike tv, magazines researchers.

Nifty millionaire has the client base from all over India along with out of India like London, Europe, US, Dubai, Oman, Saudi etc. It has 2000 happy  members ☺ with a great portfolio. For instance,

But this could not be possible without Pratik Patel And his vision to convert every 95% investor/trader who is losing to 5 % successful investors.

He is engineering dropout. He had started Nifty millionaire in 2013. But actually, he is involved stock market from last 10 years. During this journey, he was just about to bankrupt for two times but his vision always pulls him back to his journey.

Again he always comes back with lots of learning as he always takes every situation with positivity. For that bad situation was also a huge learning for him.

His journey and his experience in the market also covered by, CNBC18, The Economic Times etc.

He had the vision to make retail traders to successful investors that’s why he had started this journey. He always talks about second level thinking and radical truth i.e. think out of the box for investment ideas in the market.  

For instance,

Case study #1: How the 1.5 lac to future financial secret can be turned 1.5 lac in 7 lacs in 3 years and 4 months

Kiri Dyes and Chemicals Ltd is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of dyes, intermediates, and chemicals. 

If anyone has invested in mid-2014 with 140/- rs. now it is in 2018 around 650/- rs. 



These results are not overnight results. Behind these results, there is big trigger i.e. Chemical Banned in China. So if one has identified this macro trigger then he had exponential returns. Like,

If one had held his position, then he could have made 364.28% and 4.64 times money in just 3.4 years.

Case study #2: How the 1.5 lac to future financial secret turned 1.5 lac in 23.57 lac in just 4 years?

Can Fin Homes Limited, is also a one of the best multi-bagger. It was incorporated in the year of 1987. Its main objective is to give home ownership. It is one of the best players in the housing industry. 

If One could have invested in 2014 with 33/- rs. And now in 2018, it is around 550/- rs. 



So if One had held the position for 4 years then he has made 1567% on his initial capital. he has made 16.67 times more money. 

So this is how successful investors are investing in the stock market. They always ride winners and cut losers.


Mr. Pratik Patel found his 6 secrets of high potential returns.


  • Money management: He has developed ProfitGyan: India’s first Personalized Risk and Money Management system which can help traders to invest in proper allocation for each trade.
  • Risk management: ProfitGyan helps him to maintain his risk or Stop loss as per his risk-bearing capacity.
  • Allocation: he always focusing on what you allocate to which trade. Because sometimes we got the golden opportunity which can give you the whole year’s earning, But at that time only we have allocated quantity just 5% or 10% of our capital. So that’s why he has developed the System.
  • Knowledge: The most important thing in the investing is knowledge. Without it, you can’t be able to become a successful investor.
  • Patience: In the investing, nothing is like an overnight success. Everyone has to wait for some day or weeks or month or might be years then only they can able to find their multi-bagger.
  • Rationality: He always behaves like successful traders. That’s why he always thinks rationally whether they are in the profits or losses. And that’s why only today he is a successful investor.


Along with this great success story, there are some bad stories too. During this journey, he faced some barriers like,  

But this all failures become his long life learning. As there is no free lunch in this market, the same way he has paid (losses) for his better learnings.

Even before investing in any stocks he goes for personal meetings with management, purchases the product to experience it, gets into a deep discussion with employees of that company and many more things for his best research.


These all above examples of stocks

allow someone to get wealthy and healthy

with the help of

1.5 lac to the future financial secret.


Of course, I know the share price’s explosion like Avanti feeds, Caplin Point, Sudarshan Chemical, CEAT will not going to happen again and again.

That’s why as said, everything is not your cup of tea, the same way in the market there are so many opportunity but which one suits you that is more important.


Are you ready to get 1.5 lac to Future Financial Secret?


To secure your Future Financial Life, if one could Follow this process i.e. Risk management, Money management. He could able to make money what he wants. As he starts Following better opportunities and learning day by day.

You could be an example in your family that how you achieve success in such time with lesser investment.


I know you are thinking that how to be the part of this successful journey,


In fact, from now onwards you can be the part of this early wealthy journey.

By simply subscribing to our Premium Membership

with our Special Year End Offer


Once you sign in as a subscriber…

  1. You have to fulfill your KYC details i.e. for SEBI Convenience.
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No questions ask policy

You will get an appropriate performance by following  SEBI Registered Analyst,

If you are not happy with your whole year experience,

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Subscribing to the 1.5 lac to Future Financial Secret is the

beautiful relationship between you and us.

Through this relationship, you will get,

Nifty Millionaire Tribe: Your Social Investment Network


1. The platform where you can connect yourself with other traders from India along with Professional traders.

2. It will provide you the knowledge, that can enhance your investments in the stock market.

3. Share your ideas, views on charts under the observation of Professional traders.


ProfitGyan: India’s First Risk and Money Management System:

1. It will manage your Stop loss (risk) as per your risk-bearing capacity and as per your capital.

2. It will Maintain your capital by allocating proper quantity and diversifying your portfolio as per your portfolio size.

3. You will get simple text SMS for each detailed information like,

Along with this Transparent Platform, there is more Learning with E-book like,

Reminiscences of Stock Operators

You will have all this access to the Platform,

Recommendations including Ebooks too.


See what are the experience of the members.



I am showing this experiences because you can connect yourself better with them as they are also like you – a trader.

And once you start following this process no one can beat you. You can also join this Process – this early wealthy journey.


Now, tell me what you need more to get early wealthy?


It’s my job to guide you to get you back on the correct path. Investing in the stock market with the help of 1.5 lac to Future Financial Secret, you can be an independent trader.

Nifty millionaire ‘s Private Talk


Nifty millionaire is the platform which is providing a connection between you and the professional traders who will personally assist you in investments.

These Professional traders are SEBI registered. *Professional investors/trader on niftymillionaire platform is  Bindul shah. (Sebi Registered) Sebi Registration : INH000003663 (Bindul shah Sebi Registration : INH000003663)

This Private talk of Niftymillionaire will bring transparency, unbiased insights of what is happening in the Niftymillionaire and macros that you could connect with Indian Economy.

It can help you to know that how it will impact your corpus along with how much you have grown personally (mindset).

On Nifty millionaire, you will have an everyday discussion over different market scenarios and on every weekend you will get summary of that discussion.

Here, you can share your ideas, your view under the observation of professional traders. They will guide you where you will need.

You can join the journey of 1.5lac to Future Financial Secret.And the best part is, if you subscribe 1.5 lac to Future Financial Secret, then you could get…

And the best part is, if you subscribe 1.5 lac to Future Financial Secret, then you could get…

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Like I already Mentioned,

Nifty Millionaire was started in 2013, And With the help of Mr. Pratik Patel’s vision you are able to get,

The Platform Which will help you to get transparency in your investing by connecting you with other investors/traders and Professional Traders,

The Platform which will Provide you World Class Risk and Money Management. 



Does insuring yourself from the Stock market,

Still looks impossible?

Let me remind you one thing is,

whatever I have shown you it had happened, it is happening and It could happen to you.

All the way, Market is not certain. Everything depends on opportunities. To become early wealthy, ultimately you have to follow the process.

*Past Performances does not guarantee future results.

*Professional investors/trader on niftymillionaire platform is Bindul shah. (Sebi Registered) Sebi Registration : INH000003663 (Bindul shah Sebi Registration : INH000003663)

You are in Safe Hands

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