Want to Retire Early till the age of 40-50 ?

When An Yogi Worries about Retirement Fund How Can’t We?

Estate Responsive Landing Page Template

Estate Responsive Landing Page Template

Estate Responsive Landing Page Template

Estate Responsive Landing Page Template

In the book, Autobiography of a Yogi, Swami Pranabanandasays to Paramhansa Yogananda, ‘You know, I am enjoying two pensions.’ (Even yogis worry about retirement.)

One is a pension he receives from Indian Railways for the work he did. The other is the pension he receives from God for his spiritual work.

As a yogi, his life is spent in meditation and discourse with his disciples. This is what he chooses to spend his time doing, spend his life doing. But he can do this because he has a pension that supports him – a retirement plan.

Surveys show that more than 75% middle class working population between the ages of 25-35 plan to retire financially before they’re 50

Generally, why we don’t start working for our retirement is because of these following myths:

1) I won’t need as much money when I retire.
2) My tax-bill amounts will be lower after retirement.
3) Insurances and Medicare will be enough to take care of my health. Paying off debt and kid’s education fee should come before investing for retirement.
4) I’ll have to support only me and my wife after retirement.
5) I can look for another job whenever I will need extra fund.
6) I can even get financial help from my kids in old age.

You are looking for these reasons to hide your ignorance towards your financial future as these are just myths not the truth.

You have to believe it, creating wealth for a secure, early retirement is actually very simple….on papers.

The equation for financial success is a function of just three easy-to-understand principles:

Amount of Investment

A very minimum investment amount does not give us a liberty to take a risk Go with a minimum investment amount of Rs. 1 – 2 lacs.

Amount of Time

Wealth required for your retirement fund defines the time frame for what investments have to be continued.

Growth Rate

Consumer’s inflation rate as of today is 12 – 14 % per year and hence generating more than this rate is must.

Want to learn how easily you can execute the above action plan and

Accomplish Early Financial Retirement

You are in Safe Hands

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