Why in spite of having good market knowledge, a stock trader makes losses?

                      Last Monday, Mr. Rao from Hyderabad was talking to me and informed me that he had done various courses related to stock market, knows how to read chart, is good with paper trading however the moment he makes an entry market reverses mostly and hence he is into losses. He was frustrated about where he was going wrong.

It’s not the case of Mr. Rao in fact most of the analysts and advisers in India who provides stock tips and recommendations to retail traders don’t take any exposure on their own fund. They make appearances for the big shows on the famous business channels and at the end of the show declare their own exposure explaining they have not taken any position only recommended to their clients.
Let us analyze this fact today.

Great Stock guru Charlie Munger who is the partner of Warren Buffet said,

“A lot of people with high IQs are terrible investors because they’ve got terrible temperaments.”

This sentence the answers this big doubts of Mr.Rao and others. We at Niftymillionaire have also made some major observations that our club members have made lot of significant changes in their trading life after we helped them to improve their temperament.

Below are list of few of those benefits they could observe for in themselves:

  • They are less afraid of the market movements.
  • They have developed a good level of patience.
  • They still make losses however overall they are into profit in the long run.
  • They enjoy stress-free and tension-less trading life.
  • They can focus more on their professional life.
  • To get the clear idea of how one of our members is enjoying his trading life in better way,  click here

How this wonderful change was created by Niftymillionaire is the question now?
Since our mission was to help people to generate consistent profit leading it to wealth creation with the help of Power of Compounding so we decided that we have to focus on Improving People’s temperament (psychology). Here we start our Free Education system through all the possible mediums like seminar, webinar, youtube channel, video tutorials, mail, etc.

Today we have the largest content related to Trading Psychology on youtube in india. These are amazing content which are helping thousand of traders to improve their temperament with their own comfort of place and time. In Stockmarket Your Mindset Makes Money , Not Your Strategy ! Check our youtube channel to get more ideas of the quality videos we have updated for everyone:

Charlie Munger also said,

“I don’t think you can get to be a really good investor over a broad range without doing a massive amount of reading. I don’t think any one book will do it for you.”

We have in fact read about many successful readers today who have suggested reading to be a winner and hence we provide a set of 6 wonderful e-books worth Rs. 5000/- related to the Stock market. These books have helped many to carve their own method to work in the market.

For your help we are providing the link of one of the book for everyone here so that you can also start working on your trading psychology with this book:

Lot of you must be thinking how we have performed with the help of our working on Temperament. To talk about the same, let me show you a Table below :

Now If you try to relate with the above most quote given by Charlie Munger, you would be able to relate clearly that how with the right temperament we have been able to generate a CAGR of 50+% in last 3 years. Those who have Traded with Proper Mindset ! Otherwise Its not possible !

This data is also supported by the ACTUAL CONTRACT NOTES uploaded on our website. Click below to verify the contract notes:

The beauty is this amazing combination of consistent profitable trade system + Temperament based Education system comes only for a small amount of Rs. 13500/- per year.

What all you get when you pay 13500/- till 30th April 2016 :

  1. 12 months + 3 months (special offer) to Follow Professional Traders Portfolio for Nifty Future
  2. E-book worth Rs. 5000
  3. 20-25 Webinar and Video Tutorials throughout the year worth Rs. 27,000 & Our Blog Access (Will launch)

Just to remind you since we are closing our 8th phase now so we are running this special offer of 3 months extra service for you.

You are in Safe Hands

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