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Do you think market is on High Volatility?


Let’s check..

But data shows In this days market is in lowest volatility! Like we have seen market goes up to 10,140 and then comes down till 9,687 and this story is all about few days not more than that.

But can you tell me, Are we facing this volatility first time? Volatility always comes with great correction. let’s check last few year’s bull market..

But still In lowest volatile market so many retail traders have lose their money, their patience and wiped out their capital. But why they lose?

1. Over trading: Majority retail traders always do over trading, as they have only 1 lakh capital but they will play with 10 lakh. And if they face losses then it will be on 10 lakh not on 1 lakh. That’s why majority traders get wiped out from this market very soon.

How Nifty Millionaire members had overcome from doing over trading:

As We are using India’s First Personalized Risk & Money Management System (Profit gyan) which will guide you as per your capital that where and how much you should invest.

2. Risk Management: It is the very much essential aspect in this market. Investors are not really cared for their Risk management. If they have 1 lakh capital thier loss should be around 2%-5% but because they do not follow Risk management their risk is around 20%-25%. And in results they are not able to book their losses.

How Nifty Millionaire members implementing Risk Management in their portfolio?

Professional traders always ask members to follow risk around 2% – 5% maximum through their automated system Profit gyan.

3. Money Management :

Money management = Allocation.

This is also important element in your investing. If you have good opportunity but your allocation is just 5-7% of your capital then it will not getting any effect on your portfolio. How to maintain your capital? how to allocate? These are also imp. elements in investing.

See how Nifty Millionaire members are allocating their capital:

Professional traders are guiding members personally as per their capital. They are allocating maximum 15% – 20% in any one position from their overall capital. See below,

4. Awareness : Retail traders might take maximum decision in lake of awareness about market news. They get panic & impatient and go for shortcuts to earn maximum from the market. And because of that greed, they start doing gambling.

See how Nifty Millionaire’s most of members have awareness of market sentiments:

With help of India’s First financial Network (Nifty Millionaire Tribe) Professional traders can able to directly interact with members. And they are able to give maximum knowledge and latest updates about the market news.

–>Let’s check how Nifty Millionaire is converting every investor to become Eligible and Disciplined Trader / Investor? :

Technology empowered system:

360° approach : This will lead you to most important elements Discipline, Knowledge, Patience.

1) Discipline: It will help you to take rational decisions. Not emotional decisions.
2) Knowledge: Knowledge will help you to minimizing your losses in the market.
3) Patience: It will make you sustainable in the market. Because before everything sustainability is the most important thing.

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Compounding : Compounding is the 8th wonder of this world. – Albert Einstein.. As Albert Einstein said without following compounding power you are not able to grow your portfolio.

For E.g. you have invested 100/- rs. in the market and in the end of then year if you gained by 25% that means you will get in your a/c 125/- rs. and then in another year with same percentage of returns but you will get this time 31.25/- rs. gain and total is 156.25/- rs. Watch the full video :


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