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Why we are better than Consulting Firms…

– Vishal Garg ( Haridwar – Utarakhand )

Disclaimer : Testimonial is for Reference of How we had given services to old client. Result may very client to client.

– Rajandra R ( Chennai )

Disclaimer : Testimonial is for Reference of How we had given services to old client. Result may very client to client.

1 We are traders like you, we are not analysts. We can understand a trader better than a analyst or consultant.
2 We can understand a trader’s emotions, greed and needs still being absolute from physical and mental emotions at a time.
3 We are skilled with experience particularly in trading; We know when to take risk or when not take Risk.
4 We do not make profit from your portfolio, by means of commission or percentage.
5 We do not advice you to overtrade, instead we stop you.
6 We follow trend. Niftymillionaire is Platform where we connect u with Experienced Traders to learn from them.

Common Questions


What would be the segment of trader in Nifty Millionaire Club?

Segment of trader in Nifty Millionaire Club is NIfty Future.

What should be the Risk:reward per day?

We are taking 5 to 7% Risk on each trade of your Invested
Portfolio/Capital. Reward is unlimited as top traders are
trend traders so our target price will be never pre decided.
Till trend continue we will hold the position.

Initially How much amount I need to Invest?

Initially you have to Invest Rs. 1.10 lakh because it is the
minimum margin amount with broker to hold 1 Nifty lot.

Do I Own my money or I have to give it to Nifty Millionaire?

NO, you do not have to give your money to nifty millionaire,
You are the owner of your money and your portfolio amount would
be with you only
and would be in your account and would be with
whoever is your broker.

How many lot should I trade with Nifty Millionaire?

After calculation Risk as 5 to 7% of your portfolio,
Nifty Millionaire will give you quantity that in how much lot
you have to trade.
We will never allowed you to take Limit/Leverage
from your broker.

Across the months for all trades, should we keep constant number of lots?

As we are following Compounding method(Reinvesting of profit),
On yearly basis we will re invest our profit and according to that
portfolio, Nifty Millionaire will tell you that now from how much
lot you have to trade.

How many trades(Number of trades) will be traded by Nifty Millionaire?

Averagely 14 to 15 Trades had been traded by Professional Traders . (It is totally depends on the opportunity they get in the market)

Should we Reverse position, If Stop loss triggered or stand out?

When Stop loss triggered we will close our position and we will wait for the opportunity.

Should a hedged position be taken for your trades PUT/CALL?

No, Not always you should trade in Options of our trades, But whenever we will find
opportunity to trade in PUT/CALL we will recommend you.

Trusted By 2000+ Traders


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