Personalized Risk & Money Management System- ProfitGyan

The stock market is a great place to create wealth (Income) – Everybody knows?

Everyone is Investing in this market to make big money and Most importantly “quickly”. But as you know either quick money can be made or big money. Both cannot go together.

For making quick money you need maximum leverage on investments or trades, which is disagreeable for risk management and money management. Also this leverage and small volatile hike will kill your portfolio in long run.

The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket.

To make Big money from the stock market you have to give time to the market rather than doing timing (instant gratification) in the market (Timing no one can).

So every investor those who have created wealth from the stock market, they have survived more than 10-20 years in this market. Even though they have faced all kind of sentiments of market like, Bull Run & Bearish run. Still they sustained for long time, and this is because of they followed risk management and money management rigorously (Without Breaking Discipline).

See one of the biggest investor Mr. Ramdev Agrawal has shared his ups & downs in his long journey. How he has started from 0 to 1000 crore in 30 years (1986 to 2016).

Now the important thing to note here is.. This is not quick money which can be created overnight. This happened just because he survived in stock market for almost 30 years and many more.. So big money can be happened but only if you survived in this market for long run..

But there are some elements which are distracting investors while making big money – creating wealth. Like,

1. Lack of Discipline: Retail traders / investors are most probably believes in window shopping. It means they never stick to any one strategy. If they don’t find any benefit they will immediate switch to another strategy.

2. Instant gratification: Most of retail trader wants overnight success. They want to become Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in just one night. Everyone focusing only on one this i.e. rakeshji’s stock is on fire but since how many years he is holding that particular stock, no one is interested in knowing that.

3. Insufficient Allocation: Retail traders are highly emotionally connected with their every investing. Their maximum decisions are based on their last trade’s experience. If they gained, then they will enter with maximum quantity. Or if they lost in last trade, then they will enter with minimum quantity or they will try to avoid entering.

These are the major elements which are highly affecting any investor’s decision and become hurdle in creating big money.

Because of this hurdles Nifty Millionaire has introduced Profit GyanPersonalized Risk & Money Management system.

This System can help you to create discipline within you along with proper allocation based on his capital. It will give you the proper information that how much quantity you have to allocate and how much risk you should take based on your quantity.

Find below a sample of Profitgyan’s Personalized Portfolio management System,

‘Positional: Mr. Ajay please buys 36 shares of Relcapital at 552.70, SL: 515, TP: tgt later.’


Suppose: Mr. Ajay has 1 lakh rs. Capital and he can take just risk of 2 %.

Quantity Allocation Calculation: Ajay has been allotted by 36 shares = 552.70 *36 = 19897.20 (<25%)

Risk Calculation: Strike price 552.70 – SL 515 = 37.7 * 36 = 1357.2 (1.3%)

So this is the way how profit gyan system is helping you. You do not need to spend this much of time in calculating all this stuff. It will directly happen by Profit Gyan System.

– It will help you to become more disciplined.

– There will be No over trading.

– You will get Personalized Guidance for your risk management & money management.

So now what you want to earn- Big money or Quick money? 

You are in Safe Hands

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