One Financial secret that can change your entire life

It’s not the one you are thinking.

I will certainly tell you that amazing secret that is known by many however has been followed by only few.

These few are successful and well known today among every one and especially those who know this secret. The irony is that these common people who never followed this secret to change their financial life actually are unaware of this fact that the successful ones are big names today due to this life changing secret.

Before talking about this secret, let us understand the issue of your financial life.

Money – that’s the problem, isn’t it?

A lot of us say that I don’t care about money, but it’s a hard fact that you can’t have good life unless you have some.

And If, like me, you want to have a beautiful life with your kids and family, and you or they want to enjoy some of the basic entertainment and luxuries – like going for movie/picnic every fortnight, going for family tour, going to good restaurants for weekly dinner, new car, celebrating birthdays/anniversaries/festivals and family gatherings with complete grand packaging and occasionally grouping with friends for drink and dinner – you truly need a lot of it.

That’s the reason you must not only know this secret in fact you should start executing it as early as possible in your life.

You can’t be sitting keeping your fingers crossed and waiting for your destiny to be supported by your “Luck Factor” one fine day and you start leading a king-size life.

I am not talking about going for fantasy dreams like turning to be a billionaire or making a big brand for you. It’s just about changing the financial future of you and your family. It’s just helping them to have a life of their small choices and comforts.

Trust me; this is the best gift you can offer to your lovely family and it’s simple to achieve.

I will repeat – it’s simple to achieve. It’s not a rocket science. I already said perhaps you must be known about it via different terminology.

You must be thinking then why most of you don’t achieve it when it is really simple?

Let us quickly dig the reason of any of your recent accomplishment of your life for ex: you got promoted to the senior level, you got offer for offshore transfers, you purchased a dream car, you bought a real costly and glittering diamond studded necklace for your wife’s birthday, bought a cool bike for your college going son/daughter, etc.

Now can you reboot your mental computer and think about it that what kind of physical and psychological preparation you made long back when you actually planned to achieve any of the above written or not written source of happiness.

The same type of preparation is needed here as well.

Since what we are talking here i.e. improved financial future, is a bigger achievement so it will demand more time investment too.

The One Secret that can actual create an impressive change in your Finances is – Using your money to earn more money for you. Every successful person leverages this tool and creates an unbelievable source of money after a certain number of years.

Money is a commodity which is traded 24*7 365 days so if it is used to generate more money with strict discipline for long time, it can change your future forever as it has done for a lot of our Niftymillionaire’s members.

In financial language, it is known as Compounding Gain.

Using compounding power, many of our members are creating source of money to buy new house, to help their kids to go to best colleges, to arrange a grand wedding for their daughters and also to fund for their happier retirement life.

Let me give you an example and you would be happy and amazed to see the magic Power of Compounding can create in your life too.

Let say you save money to buy an iphone. Let us also take an average price as of Rs. 60,000. If you would like to take a right suggestion from me as a financial advisor and defer the plan to buy this phone for a year or two till the time you collect the required fund to buy later and at the same time invest this 60,000 available with you in the market and decide to grow it with the help of Power of Compounding.

Your reaction may turn astounding to know this amazing data that the same 60,000, once put for 20 years with an assumed CAGR of 25% annually, would be turning into more than Rs. 50, 00,000. Yes you read right – 50 lacs rupees and in case you decide to continue with the same way of compounding growth for total of 25 years, the Rs. 60,000 investment might turn into more than 1.5 crores.

Didn’t I tell you that it’s a wonderful financial secret?

This is the same Compounding Power which helped Warren Buffet to become one among the top 3 richest person on this planet.

The beauty is that it’s simple because you are not disturbing your regular life. It’s your money which is working for you now.

If you seriously get into this system for 10-15 years, the day is bound to come when you wouldn’t be working for money.

The only catch here is that as early as you start using Power of Compounding, you can make the life of family members incredibly beautiful and fulfilling.

Talking about the same iphone example which I mentioned above, let’s say I and you both invested Rs. 60,000 however you invested 5 years later to me in that case you would be generating One Crore rupees less than me.

I don’t need to tell you what kind of luxurious and fulfilling life I would be able to help my family to enjoy with this extra one crore rupees. if It Happen ! This is not magic, It Required Lot of Patience & Control on our Greed , Fear.

You are in Safe Hands

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