Niftymillionaire’s Interview with one of the Youngest Trader Pratik Patel – Host Abishek Raaman

Another wonderful and very useful interview session with Mr. Pratik Patel, India’s successful youngest trader, is here to answer many commonly asked questions related to the Stock market.
There are various questions in a trader’s life which have never been answered properly. These are important questions which should be understood by even for one who is there in the market for many years. Since many does not understand the reality of various scenarios discussed have been making huge losses and then are unable to understand the reasons of losses. This is the lists of few questions which are the part of this video:
1) Why do most of my trades hit Stop Loss and I am not making profit?
2) Why a Trader who does Technical and Fundamental analysis, lose money in the market?
3) What should be the ratio of Technical & Fundamental while buying/Selling?
4) What is the realistic expected return from trading?
5) What is the constant profit made by professional Traders?
6) How much time, effort and money are required to make Rs. 1, 00,000 per month from the market?
7) How to know UP and Down trend before trading?
8) How can we make money in directionless market?
9) How can I prepare myself for bigger risk in Stock market?
10) How can I make consistent return from the Stock market?
11) How and When STOP LOSS is applied?
12) How much fund should I start my trading life with?

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