What is Niftymillionaire’s big idea to improve your Finances in 2016

Niftymillionaire’s came up with this big idea to improve your Finances in 2016 as it is a very important year for the world economy. Entire world is having a very different phase and there is a lot of confusion everywhere. Businessman all over are not taking much risks in fact are playing very safe. In India If we see after the current govt. came into power, market went up quickly filled with a huge optimism. Every one expected a satisfactorily change in the business world scenario. People were so positive that they expected very soon they would be able to find visible changes in almost every sector. People were especially very positive about foreign funds coming in huge quantity. The NDA govt. had made few amazing promises before coming to power and after they were swore in with power also talked strongly about implementing them however after almost one and half year now, there is no change visible on the ground. We have also seen some international credit rating bodies have talked negative about India. It is also clearly seen that govt. is struggling due to fiscal slippage. they have a number of projects in pipeline but delays due to various reason are taking place.

American and Russian markets which were being looked up with a lot of hope are showing negative signals. European market is completely under performing and it does not show any hope of improvement for coming few years. Somewhere Asian market is looking stronger than other continents however still no big hope of change is seen. We are also listening random news of Recession like situation being arising around. Lack of positivism in trader’s sentiments due to various reason mentioned above has made the current scenario tougher and hence this video dissects the circumstances and after analysis every possibility comes up with the ways one can improve finances in this year.

This video will answer all your questions related to investment for the year.

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