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Greetings of the Day !

Very much happy to invite you to work with nifty millionaire. Niftymillionaire’s Mission is create technology platform , To make Investing/trading More Disciplined &  Systematic to create more number of Wealthy Investors. How they will become wealthy and independent trader, when they will follow Discipline, Passions, Knowledge. we are not only focusing on what to buy? because that does not make you successful at trading. For eg. See Mr. Sunil Singhaniya’s Investment in Reliance Mutual fund. In his Interview he said he has earned good, his fund has also earned very nice, but investors who had invested with him from them only 2 % of people has earned 98% has lose money as they are not able to follow discipline & not understood discipline of market.

For this We have launched Platform SLACK   in which you will be connected with live platform, and directly to the professional traders. And for more precise information about how to maintain your risk in your portfolio. We have partnered with

(World’s First Personalized Portfolio Platform) to Provide personalize service.  Personalize service meaning it will help you directly on your cash capital. i.e. it will guide you thoroughly on your risk management and money management. Because traders / investors are not able control on there emotions that when to enter / exit, how much to take quantity. In Trading 80% is all about how you do Risk & money management of ur capital. We have Taken 360% Approach ! KNOWLEDGE, DISCIPLINE, EXECUTION. How we can make it automated?

So, through your REFERRAL help and support you WE will able to help them and along with them  we all will start making compounding. As Fin tech Company, it is imperative that we keep our operational costs lower without compromising on service or quality of the Innovating platform too .


We call this our Partner Program. Today through our association we share 15% of membership revenue generated from all the clients whom you refer and who join with us. We are eager to work with you.
And for more details please contact us  : 02230987899,

You are in Safe Hands

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