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The Strategy, With which you can start with 


Small Investment

 Today we are going to discuss the Trader who has made the equivalent of 10 billion $ (65000 cr+ in Inr) & Father of Price action trading – Japanese rice trader Munehisa Homma.



one incredible man who was known as the “God” of the markets in his day; Japanese rice trader Munehisa Homma. He lived from 1724 to 1803 and even if half of the legends about him are true, he was by far one of the most amazing traders in history and we can learn a lot from the stories that surround him.


You should probably listen to a “Samurai trader”


Homma is rumored to have made the equivalent of $10 billion in today’s dollars trading in the Japanese rice markets. In fact, he was such a skilled trader that he served as an important financial advisor to the Japanese government at the time and was later raised to the rank of honorary Samurai. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty safe to say we can learn something from a guy who was such a great trader that he become a Samurai because of it, to me that is totally cool in what is probably a semi-nerdy kind of way. Rumor has it that he once had 100 profitable trades in a row….granted there’s a bit of an advantage when you are basically the “inventor” of technical analysis and no one else really knows about it yet…but clearly Homma was a force to be reckoned with in the markets and his legend lives on today.

We were Discussing the same strategy, sitting in the Plaza Room of the Marine Drive Plaza hotel in Mumbai.


With the Perfect View of Marine Drive, Chowpatty…


Sharing a cup of coffee with our successful friend cum investors, colleague…


Having a discussion over the mindset of normal traders who wants to earn from the stock market but never cared for their Risk Management and in the result, they lose their whole capital.


So As Famous saying…

“Never Test The Depth of Water With Both FEET” – Warren Buffett


Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, George Soros, etc. are very much successful investors. And every trader wants to follow them and wants to become successful like them.


They always manage their risk before they enter the market. As they are good Risk managers.  


Because Risk occurs everywhere but it depends on you that how you manage it.


That’s why truly said by Mr. Warren Buffett i.e. Never Test the depth of water with both feet.


As they always manage their Losses.


That’s why they have the potential to multiply their wealth Exponentially.


Let me Show you how you can be also the become Successful investors

The Money Mistake Most Traders Make,

And how you can Avoid that mistakes…


As you see there are so many reasons why every trader wanted to follow successful investors.


Because many amateur traders are not able to generate wealth as they hoped for.


They generally make small investments and turn in small profits if they are lucky. But never able to make that much Profits that they could.


And you do not need to blindly follow my words…

You can experience from your surroundings only.


As per Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior (QAIB), Fixed – income or Mutual funds have garnered only 2.6% in annualize 10 years period.


And this fall even lower in long run.


Yes, it is just 10 years period annualized rate, in 20 years period annualized rate it can be 2.5% and in 30 years period annualized rate…


it can be 1.9% or lower than this.


In other words, If someone had started investment of 10000 in 30 years ago… And now he is on pathetic profits i.e. 7588 rs. And when adjusted for inflation, they had even lost their money.


Why does this happen? Why are they going wrong? What is wrong with them?


Let me explain you…

If every Blue Chip Goes Multi-bagger

Without failing single – time

Everyone will be Wealthy


Mostly Traders follows friend’s advice or Advisory companies for quick results.


They simply investing quickly in the blue chips only in the hope of getting quick bucks…


But if by just investing in the blue chips and you will become rich, then everyone will be wealthy.


And the ratio will be reversed as from 5% successful investors and 95% unsuccessful investors to 95% successful investor and 5% unsuccessful investor.


In Fact, many so-called blue chips go nowhere in last 10 years or so…


Take the DLF LTD


It was founded by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh in 1946 and is based in New Delhi. It has a great time in 2008 when the Real estate was in the boom period. 

But when the market got correction it was never able to make a new high than 2008. so from 2008 to 2018 in last 10 years, it does move to make a new high.

Not Recommended by Nifty millionaire

Then take NTPC LTD


It was established in 1975.  In the 2007-2008 was a good period for NTPC. as it has marked good growth but then it gets the stagnant period. 

So from 2009, it does not get any movements. It is continuously playing in between 100 to 200 only. As It had made high of 230 rs. But in last 10-11 years, it is not able to create a new high.


Not Recommended by Nifty millionaire

I hope you are not on the list who have burnt their hands by investing in this so-called blue-chip stocks.


But there is one thing is good.. that this is not the one side story…


There is another side of investing, that who are serious about their future financial life, and for their corpus…


Who so ever invest like successful investors have had the chance to get some spectacular returns… for instance, 616% in just 1 year, 2110% in just 3 years and few months, 3250% in LESS than 5 years.


Let’s take a look on their successful investments.

How Successful investors Turn their 30,000

To 5,97,600/- in about just 5 years and 3 months.

With just simple 3 Moves


In their annual recommendation, they are getting at least 2-3 multi-baggers that can multiply their wealth exponentially.  


As famously said,


You don't need to be right in your every trade but there are only few 2 to 3 which will help you to create Fortune i.e. 5,97,600 rs.


Let’s take a look,

Graphite India LTD


Rs. 10000 into Rs. 61600 in just 1 year and 2 months…

Not Recommended by Nifty millionaire


If one could have made investments of 10000 and from 2017 Feb.


in just 1 year and it had made the growth of 616%.


And it became 61600 in just 1 year in 2017-18.

Now if one could have invested in Thirumalai Chemical LTD and it has turned…


Rs. 10000 into Rs. 211000 in just 3 years and 1 month…


Not Recommended by Nifty millionaire

So this shows it has turned 10000 and from 2015 March in 3 years and


it had made the growth of 2110%.  


And it became 211000 in just 3 years in 2015-18.


I believe you have started understanding that how these multi-bagger stocks have the positive impact on your portfolio.

For Eg,


If one could have made investments in Caplin Point then it had turned 10000 into…


Rs. 10000 into Rs. 325000 in LESS than 5 years…

Not Recommended by Nifty millionaire

If one could have made an investment from jun 2013 with 10000 so in 5 years,


it has grown to 3250%


that is 32.5 times in just 5 years.

In total, that’s the simple 3 moves into 3 stocks, and  5,97,600 became reality. This is the potential of the investments done by successful investors..


Now, normally virtually it’s impossible to get into your hands.


For that, you need One platform that can help you to get this kind of successful trades from successful investors.


Because such recommendations are available exclusively to members only…


And it will not be going to take any charge from you as well…


Yes! Because many portfolio management companies have made their business from your financial fortune by charging you a certain amount Or percentage of your investable assets.  


Virtually anyone can join…


And today also you can join…And start your journey towards your secure future financial life.

Join the Nifty Millionaire Tribe…


Niftymillionaire Tribe, it is the platform where you can connect yourself directly to the professional traders.


They will help you to understand the market very well. They can help you to guide you that what are the successful probabilities market have.   


Here you can garner your knowledge of fundamentals and technicals too. As well as with their help you will be able to connect and discuss with the other traders who are investing in the market.


Niftymillionaire Tribe is the transparent platform, and has potential to solve all your major concerns like how you will work in the stock market, or where will you invest in the stock market?


This platform can help you … Click for Joining Virtually


Look, what Members are sharing their experiences:



The Mastermind Behind the

Niftymillionaire Tribe


Mr. Pratik Patel. He is the founder of the company. And he is 29 years old engineering drop out.


As he has his own vision that he wants to help that 95% unsuccessful traders who are losing their hard earned money in the stock market because of their greed, emotions, etc.


He wants to make them most disciplined and make them have some patience while they are investing in the stock market.


He has started Niftymillionaire in 2013 but actually, he is in the market for last 10 years. And he has gone through every kind of situation i.e. profitable or Loser.


But he always comes back with great learning from his loser situation. He takes his loser situation as learning never takes it as a failure.


This is the sign of successful investors. Who always knows that how to manage themselves while they are investing in the market.


Well, Pratik Patel believes that till 2022 India’s per Capita Income will increase to 2000 $ From 1680 $ Which will impacts on our lives, our corpus extremely.



Because when per capita income increases, it increases spending. And when spending increases it impacts every industry – everywhere. That will come with the fascinating bull run.


So becoming a member of investing platform is one of the proven ways to ride the growth wave all the way towards your bright and secure future financial life.  


You see, the secret of Pratik and his team’s success will lead you towards one proven stock picking strategy.


This stock picking strategy has the potential to guide you to generate remarkable growth in your wealth. And that wealth can help you… your child… Your grandchild… and maybe your great-grandchild… as well.

The Platform for managing your

Risk and Money Management

It will Manage your emotion that you can hold, and take Profit from it


Profit Gyan – India’s first Personalized Risk & Money Management Platform. ProfitGyan can Help you to overcome your Emotional mistakes & make rational decisions


Because when you are in the good mood, then you will take huge quantity and if you are in the sad mood or not in good mood, then you will take very less quantity. But no one knows that, which one is the profitable trade?


That’s why your emotions are one of the biggest factors to make you successful or unsuccessful in the market. That’s why ProfitGyan will guide you through all your risk and money management.


Because sometimes when you get greedy, you are unable to put stop loss or unable to book the loss. That’s why It will guide you in detail that how you execute your trade? Along with how much you should follow stop loss? and how much quantity will you allocate?


For eg.

One Important Thing

Everybody Needs to understand

about NiftyMillionaire Tribe


As I said before, Joining the Nifty millionaire Tribe is very much easy.


virtually anyone, from anywhere, can become a member of Niftymillionaire Tribe.


But there is one condition,


Nifty millionaire Tribe members always able connect directly to the professional traders or traders from all over India or out of India.


That’s why they always asked for invest in safest stocks. But there is always risk involved in every investment. So you always have to be ready to accept that risk or losses.


Because of that risk management, they have the assurance that they will lose their whole capital. Because one of the biggest concern is the same only. Majority traders are in the fear of that what if they lose their whole capital?


That’s why with the guidance of professional traders and With the help of ProfitGyan they can able to hold for the long term and able to generate good wealth for them.

Presenting the BackBone

of the Nifty Millionaire:

Momentum Investing Strategy


It is the Strategy where you can able to manage your own funds.


Not able to understand? Let me explain you,


Some time traders do not have enough time or sometimes they are not able to understand the market or sometimes they have very much less capital.


That’s why they are not able to manage their funds and for good returns, they have to invest in Mutual funds or SIP, etc. But with Mutual funds, they have to hand over their money to a wealth manager. Even they are not aware of where is their money invested?


And every trader in the stock market whether he has 10000 or whether he has 1 lakh every trader wants to manage their money on their own.


That’s why To convert their dream into reality, Pratik Patel has taken a step ahead. And he has started investing in Momentum strategy.


It is the strategy,

  • Helps you to hold on stocks with bigger gains
  • You need only 1 hour monthly to manage your direct equity investments
  • It makes entry and exit easy for every trader. You do not need to worry about alerts of any stock suggested from our strategy.
  • It is Low-cost Strategy, so you can grow your wealth at healthy rates by investing in 52 week high stocks (winning stocks).
  • Trusted by 2000+ investors from all over India because of the most transparent Platform- Niftymillionaire Tribe.


Niftymillionaire Experience by Investors: 






Today, it's your turn to embark the same journey. All you have to do is start investing with Professional traders and their proven strategy.


And we will handle the Rest…

But Before You Subscribe to Momentum Investing Strategy

There is something You Must know…


Like I shared before While investing 6 out of 10 are safe investments from which 2-3 has potential to become multi-bagger.  But other 3 out of 10 are not performing as expected.


Take a look,


But after all accurate efforts, there is always be a factor which we can’t control. With these losses our accuracy around 60-65% which is tremendous in this market.


So as I mentioned before, once you subscribe to Momentum Investing strategy,


You will get


  • Personalized portfolio guidance from SEBI registered Analyst (INH000003663) according to your Risk and money management.
  • Momentum Stocks with proper risk to make an investment in the stock market
  • Webinar on current scenarios of the market
  • Weekly educational Blogs and Articles
  • Flat 50% off on Workshop membership
  • Free Ebooks and Learning Emails also.

Any Assistance You can Contact Our Heroic Investor Success Team @ 02230987899

You are in Safe Hands

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