Learn (Saraswati) and Earn (Laxmi) this Diwali in Stock Market


            Have you ever seen any temple of only Goddess Laxmi anywhere?

       The answer is No.

        Do you know Why?

There are few temples in Maharashtra which are called Maha Laxmi Temple but we worship Ambe Mata in those temples.

Generally, the statue of Goddess Laxmi is accompanied by a statue of Goddess Saraswati.

This symbolises this fact that money (Laxmi) can’t stay with you unless you have Knowledge or philosophy (Saraswati).

Even according to Hindu mythology, it is said, ” If you have Saraswati, Laxmi will follow you but if you have Laxmi, Saraswati may not follow.”

Traditionally on the occasion of Diwali, we worship Goddess Laxmi however now a days we, in fact, worship Laxmi almost everyday.

The same is happening in Stock market, traders are completely focused on making money (Laxmi) hardly anyone is trying to gather knowledge (saraswati).

The way economy of any country booms when there is a balance of Demand and supply, Similarly wealth creation in the life of any trader/businessman happens when he focuses on both Laxmi and Saraswati.

Since Laxmi, for sure, follows Saraswati so if we want to ensure our success in trading (making money) we should certainly focus on increasing our knowledge as much as possible.

Here are the modes of enriching market related knowledge (Saraswati) – :

Traders Meetup

  • We are talking the level of sincerity we witnessed recently, when we had organised our Ahmadabad Chapter MEET UP on 08/10/2016where more than 30 trades/investors had fun time sharing market related knowledge and it was a wonderful time for them.
  • We are excited about our next MEET UP at Mumbai on 22/10/2015 from 03:30 PM – 05:30 PM. Already 50+ have registered for it and more than 100 participants are expected to be part of this session.I would encourage you to register your name for this session where you would be sharing and receiving huge learning as everyone gets equal opportunity to ask any questions which are making their financial journey difficult from many of successful investors present there. This session is absolutely FREE.

To register for the FREE MEET UP (Click here)


  •  Instead of just working on the basics of script recommendation, if you could read the details of the company’s pedigree, business scalability, balance sheet, Vision and technical inflection points, it adds value to examine its future performance. Technical report of 10 companies (worth Rs 10000) where we could see good potential of successful return in next 1-2 years will be provided. How you can grab these reports for FREE (Go to the bottom of this page).

ONE-to-ONE Talk with Successful Trader

  •  Exclusively, we will arrange a one-to-one talk with an experienced Trader where a trader will dive deep into your portfolio history and your dreams attached to your investment planning and then restructure it to suit your style and which can help in achieving your goals. No, you do not require to pay any huge amount for the consultation however how it would be made available to you for FREE (Go to the bottom of this page).


  • An OPPORTUNITY to grab knowledge and wisdom from successful trader . We are hence going to organise an interview session with a successful trader where focus will be the investment strategies based on current economic situation. This online interview would also be made accessible to everyone to rework on individual investments.


  •  In case you are an avid reader about the stock market secrets, you can anytime visit our Blog Page by clicking the below.

 Read them here


  • We have a collection of more than 10 wonderful E-books. These books have been designed for helping you to understand the investment deeply at the comfort of your sofa or study table. Once you read the entire collection and execute it sincerely, it can transform your mindset turning you as a matured trader.


  •  The bundle of surprise is not over. If someone wants personalised market related fundamental and technical studies, we do organise a full day seminar. In this seminar, our market specialist will teach Techno-Funda investing to you and since the attendee size of the session is going to be restricted, special attention would be paid to every individual. The charge for an individual is Rs. 7000 and for premium members of Niftymillionaire is just Rs. 2000.

We would also like to share the way we focus towards making money (Laxmi)

  • How we created a total compounded return of 210+ % in 3 and half years with just investing 30 minutes per month?
  • How more than 1600+ people are on their way to achieve Financial Independence in coming 10-15 years?

is the outcome of the process of investment we followed and is mentioned below for you

  • Niftymillionaire Nifty Membership – with an initial amount portfolio amount of Rs. 1, 00,000 and 10-12 trades per year, we focus to create a CAGR of 50% on your investment.


  • Techno-Funda Investing – With an initial portfolio of Rs. 1, 50,000 and 8-10 recommendations mainly in Stock Cash, we try to generate 35-45% return on yearly basis.


The total costing comes as :-

1)   Meet Up – FREE

2)   One-to-One talk with Trader – Rs. 10,000/half an hour

3)   Technical report – Rs. 10,000

4)   Trader’s Interview – Rs. 15,000

5)   Blogs – FREE

6)   Niftymillionaire tribe membership – Rs. 38100

Hence it comes to Rs. 73,100

However due to summer offer, you can avail the entire package with a huge discount of Rs. 50,600 and you just pay Rs. 16500.


You have the complete package available here for you through which you gain as much as  possible Knowledge (Saraswati) and then attract Money (Laxmi), then What Are You Waiting For?



Pay Niftymillionaire discounted membership of Rs.16,500 in 3,6 EMIs using your credit card with 0% interest.

Don’t miss just Go for the Combo of Saraswati and Laxmi by clicking below:

You are in Safe Hands

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