Last 3 Days to Close Current Phase of Nifty Millionaire

Greetings of the day!!


Today Before ending of this current phase let me share with you recent success of Nifty millionaire professional traders


See, They have done many trades recently, Few of them are mentioned below.

Take a look,

On 9th July, Bought Nickle @ 893.5/- and SL was 890/- (closing basis). With the risk of only 0.8% they have booked Profit @  909/-. It was 1:5 Risk : Reward i.e. 10,000:50,000.




Let me share another,


On 2nd July, Bought Gold @ 33755/- with the risk level 33690/-. With the risk of again only 0.8% they have booked Profit @ 34000/-. It was a great Risk: reward of 10000: 45000



On 27th June, Bought SRF Cement @2960 Risk level 2940 (exited 3060) Made 96000 Rs on Risk of (20000 Rs per trade)


We are going to introduce a new phase of Nifty millionaire with a Price hike of 12% i.e. 18500/- effective from 15th July 2019. 

All the new subscription from 15th July 2019 will be invoiced in new price 18500/-. We always want to serve you the best and this change belongs to that only. Nifty millionaire has to do many new things to upgrade your services and also to grow your portfolio like,

– New Research Reports

– Meeting with Promoters

– Sentimental Model

– For Accurate data, Tracking different portals like Facebook, Twiter, Financial blogs, articles.

There are many more things that Nifty millionaire’s Professional traders have to do in their research. They have also invested with you always. Because they know the values of your hard-earned money. They will never let you alone in the market. They always guide you before the trade, during the trade and also when its time to exit.

Their main focus is only on one thing that, how to minimize your Loss and maximize your Profits.


So, what have you thought for the Last 3 days of this current Phase of 16500/- ?


It will take just 5 minutes to save 12% from your subscription by subscribing Nifty millionaire which has Successful Professional Traders like Mr. Pratik Patel & Mr. Mitul shah.

Still, You have much time (Friday, Saturday & Sunday till 11.59 pm) to Save your 12%. It will be effective from Monday, 15th July 2019.

We are Waiting To serve You!! 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to Give a Chance to your portfolio to grow Immensely like Nifty millionaire members!!

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