Is this TOP? The Correction?


What do you think Is this Top? or Is it the new beginning of the Bull market!



Hey, This is Pratik Patel, founder of Nifty millionaire. The Platform with the Vision of turning you into an Independent Profitable Trader!

Let’s first of all understand, What is Correction in Investing?

Correction is the period where you will find drawdowns in your portfolio. The majority of the stocks will be in red color! Is this happening the same with you right now? Today’s Market is the same, maybe you have the feeling that why you haven’t booked your Profits, now portfolio is at the stage from where you have started? Do you feel so?

But can you tell me Is this the Top of the Market? What do you think, why is this happening?

There are many reasons like Covid – 19 new strain, Vaccination shortage, Globally trade war! What do you think, what it can be?

I know you have also the same reasons.. but let me get very clear here, the Market never falls with the same reasons and events! Covid -19 and the rest of the reasons we have seen in last year! The market only falls when there is anything uncertain happens.. from which the market is unaware. Before a year Covid was totally new thing to market and all over the world.. no one was able to understand that how to tackle such a situation that’s why we have seen that huge fall. But what is right now? Is this just s beginning of a huge correction?

Don’t worry, Let me help you to figure out the current situation. This correction is going in the BULL Market. It is not a TOP or not a Big Correction. Market do such things when Bus is overloaded with many Briliant investor/trader. This type of Healthy correction helps you to realize that, Are they actually brilliant or just think of their selves!

Healthy corrections help you to re-accumulation in your winning positions. Also, this will help you to identify the outperformer stocks from your portfolio, Will give you clarification on Drivers of the Market, Where to Invest!

See the traders like you, who have this understanding to differentiate the real correction and the healthy corrections!







Use my training session to understand the difference between real correction and healthy correction.

After having this clarity, how do you feel about the correction? Now tell me does this information has changed your decision that you are about to take before 5 min… After reading this, if you think this has impacted your portfolio, then Do share this with your friends and family investors/traders.

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