How will you Earn Profits in this Bearish Market?

Note 1: This is Our One of Member’s Portfolio

Note 2: Our trade Entry was on 10510 only but when Member was squaring off his intraday position, by mistake he squared off his this position too. that’s on the next day he has taken entry and he entered on 10424.


Nifty Fut bought at 10510 , Booked it around 10681 , Profit = 171* (difference)
Nifty 10550 PE bought at position 38.50 , Market price was 5.60 , Loss = 32.9* (difference)

Current profit is  ( 160 – 32.9) = 138.10 points.

Note 1: This is Our One of Member’s Portfolio

Nifty Fut bought at 10573 , Currently trading at 10763 , Profit = 190* (difference)
Nifty 10550 PE bought at 104.98 , Current Market price 40.7 , Loss = 64.28* (difference)

Current profit is  ( 190 – 64.28 ) = 125.72 points.

This is the trade which is proving this quote true,


Be fearful when everyone is greedy,
Be greedy when everyone is fearful…


Why I am saying so because in this bearish or you can say volatile market, where everyone is bearish and do not want to enter in this market, at that time we have traded in nifty at 10575 with hedging to reduce the Risk.

And you can see our one of member’s returns in the above Screenshot. That’s why this is truly said by successful investors that, be greedy when everyone is fearful i.e. if you found that no one is ready to enter into the market when everyone is bearish in the market then this is the right time to give full accelerate to your investments.  

Same as we did in our last trade. In this bearish market where nobody is ready to make any investments, there we have created a hedge position which will reduce the risk.

Whether there is the loss of 64.28 rs. But that is totally for safety purpose that if the market gets high volatility, we can manage proper risk without any hassles.

As for Risk management Nifty millionaire has the platform i.e. ProfitGyan – India’s first risk and money management platform. This platform is helping members for managing their risk according to their capital.

Also, it will help you to manage your money than how much your allocation should be there for any trade. Because during the investment how much you are allocating your capital to the particular trade, that is also the important thing. 

Because if you will allocate less quantity and that trade has the best opportunity to grow the portfolio, then you will lose the opportunity. That’s why no one is aware of that which trade will give you the whole year’s earning! That’s we need to follow the proper risk and money management system always.  

Still, you are gaining 125.72 points. Therefore, this is what you need to take care in the market that in this much bearish market where everyone is losing, there we are doing proper risk and money management with proper trade management. Like this,

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