How Nifty Millionaire members have generated Profits in Nifty From Their Portfolio

Have you seen the last Seminar: Discover Next Avanti Feeds and Caplin Point?

If yes, then the opportunity which was shared by Mr. Pratik Patel and if you have taken the advantage of that opportunity then now you are celebrating your victory…

Because it turns into reality what Mr. Pratik Patel said. He had shared about nifty will grow 150++ point in next two-three days. And now you can see what is the market right now…



He has shared this opportunity on Nifty Millionaire Tribe also.


More details of this opportunity you will find below. The market always moves in between sentiments. When there is extreme fear or extreme greed is in the market then market gives a huge movement. 

But retail traders always play when the market is neutral. they never able to grab the opportunity of extreme fear and greed because whether they are full of positions or unable to control their emotions. 

But this model will help you to know that how will you be with 60% cash in your portfolio in the worst scenario of the market. 

Also, it will help you to know that how will you able to generate more money from your existing funds. 

Yes, existing portfolio. You don’t need to add a single penny in your portfolio. And you will be able to earn good returns from the market in short term.

For Eg.

For Nifty = you need 64000 as Margin. 

Stocks = if your portfolio is around 5 lakh, then you can use 3.5 lakh for other investment. 

For More Assistant,

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*Professional investors/trader on niftymillionaire platform is Mitul shah. (Sebi Registered) Sebi Registration : INH000002707

You are in Safe Hands

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