How Investors will Beat Inflation With The Help of Stock Investing

Beat The Inflation with The Proven Investment Strategies


Proven Strategies To Outperform Inflation



Inflations Impact Our lives in many ways. As Inflation increases, the Purchasing Power decreases.

In today’s time, people are highly impacted by inflation. As before some time what we do with our money i.e. lending to someone or keep it safe in our homes. But it will not be going to grow or it will not be going to create any wealth.

Because as inflation rises, the purchasing power of goods and services are decreasing.

I know there are several Asset class in which you can make investments. Like fix deposits, mutual funds, SIPs, Insurance, but do you ever think of what you get from this investments

Because all these investments have potential to give returns around 6% to 15%. But Inflation rates are 4.88% and you are getting returns from fixed deposits is 6% along with mutual funds is just 10-12% which are hardly beating inflation. 

That’s why to outperform inflation you have to invest in Equity Market. As it has potential to give you the returns what you want…

It can give you,

  • Better life
  • Best Institute for your child’s education
  • Early retirement
  • Your own House
  • Prestige in your family


To make this happen in reality, you have to start investing in the Equity market with the help of Compounding. Because it can only able to compound your returns rather than your other investment vehicles like Fixed Deposits, Mutual funds, SIPs, etc.  

If I am not wrong, then you have figured out that how inflation is impacting our selves and how we can outperform inflation.

Because Compounding is the process that will help you to grow your wealth in the market

If you compound your money for 5 years or 10 or 15 then you can get the amount, you dreamed of.

Look at this picture. It will show you how compounding have potential to convert 1 lakh to 27.97 lakh in just 10 years

Click Here For Compounding Calculator

As compounding is important the same way, where you invest i.e. in which stocks you are investing, is also have the same importance.

Because in whatever stock you have made an investment, and it is fundamentally strong but there is no price breakout or no volume breakout then it will just become your long-term investment but it will not give any change in your portfolio.

For eg.

If one could have invested in Avanti feeds from 2008 or 2009 he has to wait to grow his funds for 6 years i.e. till 2014. which is not the short period it checks everyone’s patience.  


Not Recommended by Nifty millionaire


But if you invest with whole research technically and fundamentally then it can be like this,

If you invest in

#1. If one could have invested in Avanti Feeds then, it has potential to grow its funds 100 times. 

Avanti Feeds is Telangana based company. It is generating revenue from Shrimp Feeds. And the event of Shimp feed has given the opportunity to grow. As Avanti Feeds also grab that opportunity and nowadays it is growing like anything.

it has grown from 30 to 2880 almost 100 times… That is around 9500%… Really it is incredible…  

Let’s take a look,

Not Recommended by Nifty millionaire


#2. Excel Industry Ltd. 

It is Chemical Manufacturing Company. Since inception 1941, it has pioneered in its field. 

If one could have made investments in Excel Industries in January 2013, then it has grown from 56 to 1150 around that is almost 21 times in just 5 years. 

Let’s take a look,

Not Recommended by Nifty millionaire


That Means, It shows that if One could have made an investment of just 1 Lakh then it has potential that it can grow to 19.53 lakh in just 5 years.


So compounding has potential that it can make you a millionaire but at last, you have to wait (have patience) for this kind of 5 -10 years. It needs only one trigger and it will grow like immensely.

Sounds unbelievable?

Ok let me show you some more examples


#1. Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd.

It is Tamilnadu Chennai based company. Caplin Point was established in 1990. it is manufacturing ointments, creams, and other external application. 

If one could have made investments in July 2014 from 70 to 600 around till now. This shows its growth of 757.14%. that is around 9 times.

Not Recommended by Nifty millionaire


#2. Excel Crop Care 

Excel Crop Care established in 2002. It has risen out of demerged portfolio from excel industries. It is the supplier, who reach to almost every farmer in 70 countries.   

If One could have made an investment of the 1 lakh in October 2013 with 230 and now it is around 3300. That means, it has potential to grow it 1334.78% i.e. 13.34 lakh. That is almost 14.34 times in just 5 years.

Not Recommended by Nifty millionaire



I know… I know… what you are thinking of…

That, If this is that much profitable then why everyone is not using it



Then let me introduce you to some facts of the mindset of investors and traders. As they never able to hold this way.

Have you focused on these companies, that it does not become multi-bagger in just one night? It has to take time for 15 years… it was not short time…but after that, it starts running immensely.

But no one wants to wait until that much time. Tell me frankly, that will you able to hold it until this much time? no?

I know this. That’s why in the stock market just 5% investors are successful investors and 95% traders/investors are losers in the market.

Who have waited for this period are now successful investors.

See success story experience Mr. Rajesh



This is the ultimate way to earn from the market


Investing in the stock market with the help of compounding is raises the opportunities for getting successful in investments.

Because generally, traders are doing the same mistake as they always hold in losses and book early profits.

They never focus on long-term benefits. They always want instant gratification.

But as famous saying,

Patience always pays.

So you have to have patience along with discipline. Because majority investors are jumping from one strategy to another, as they never stick to one strategy. Even they stop following trades when they face continues loss in 2 trades.

Retail traders/investors always wanted to follow Big investors. But just their stocks, not their mindset. As by just following their stocks you cannot be like them for that thing you have to follow their mindset too.

As Successful investors always follow their strategy. They never switch from one strategy to another strategy. If they are facing losses in that strategy for two times continuously still they will not change the strategy.

Because no one knows about the market certainty. And no one is aware of that which trade will give them whole year’s earning.

In this manner, they always break their discipline, patience. So to become wealthier to beat the inflation they have to follow all the trades with discipline and patience.

To invest in this stocks with discipline

You do not need a lot of time.

You do not need a luck always.

You do need to know how to face the inflation.


Also through this examples and explanation, I want to prove is…


It happened before…, It is happening now…, and It could happen to you…


As you know Mr. Pratik Patel, 29 years old engineering drop out. He had the vision to help small investors with his best efforts.

He was cover by, CNBC18, The Economics Times and many…

He has Thumb rule that is,

Holds Winners, Cut the Losses

As he had faced lots of difficulties during his Ten year’s journey. That’s why he wants that, now you do not need to spend your Ten years for the same mistakes he had done in past. You can learn many things from him. 

Lots of failures, lots of rejections he had faced. But he always focuses on his vision and in today’s time his vision got the success of 30-33%.

And still, he is in the process to make it true with 100% 

Now you are wondering that if this process is successful and it can change your portfolio positively, then why everyone is not successful?


As I shared before, they are instantly gratified. They never want to wait for the long term.   

They are never able to hold their position in profits. And when they are in loss then their emotions come in-between and they are not able to book the loss as early as possible.  


Let me show you some eg. from Pratik Patel’s Guidance


#1 Ramky Infrastructure LTD. 

It’s incorporation in 1994, the company has completed a wide range of construction and infrastructure projects.

If one could have made investments in Ramky Infrastructure, it has grown 115.15% in just 6 months

Let’s take a look,


#2. Kiri Industries LTD.

It is Gujarat Ahmedabad based company. Kiri Ind. is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of wide range of Dyes, Intermediaries, and Chemicals from India. 

If one could have made investments, then their fund grows 117.85% in just 1 year and still, they are in holding.

Let’s take a look, 


So are you ready to outperform Inflation?

If you start investing in this kind of stocks with discipline and patience then you will also have the potential to generate good returns.

As it will help you to gain,


  • Your prestige in your surroundings,
  • Your child’s good education,
  • Your early retirement,
  • Many more…


Now you are going to become an investor…, a disciplined investor…, an intelligent investor…, a knowledgeable investor who could beat the inflation with the help of momentum investing process…

Momentum Investing Process

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