“Poor earns for living, rich focus on how to use others money to make money for them and middle class earns to pay debt”
Above statement clearly states that the middle class is into worst financial situation out of all three. It’s the only class which is paying huge debt almost throughout the life. They don’t consider it as a risk for their life. It’s not the only mistake they make. They have inherently imbibed many such habits which are making their life tough. They have several dreams and to fulfill those they need to create wealth. They need to be Financially Free. Mostly are not even aware of exactly how they can achieve their dream. Few understand that they don’t need to do anything and gradually their life will change automatically. Perhaps god will feel pity on them and will shower unlimited prosperity.
With the increasing unemployment and inflation, the future of middle class is into acute danger. No govt. can create as many jobs as required based on burgeoning population and this class has to seriously move ahead with such measures where they can achieve financial freedom. Financial freedom can help them with a life of choices and they can provide a culture of money to their coming generations.
What are few points middle class needs to understand and work upon to change its destiny are following:
1) Don’t follow Crowd
2) Follow your Passion
3) Focus on process, not on winners.
4) Save yourself from Sunk Cost fallacy.
5) Work to create impact in other’s life.
6) Beware of Instant Gratification
7) Always know the reality first.
8) Don’t be a Corporate Slave.
9) Associate with smart people than you
10) Be a risk-taker
11) Read every day.

This video will work as a guide for middle class who truly wants to get A to Z ideas of working on every aspect of life-changing

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You are in Safe Hands

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