Hey, all of you. This is Pratik here again. But today I am going to show you how psychology plays in the Market? And a story of a Farmer who became a disciplined investor with the help of Nifty Millionaire. 

So here I want to saw you that how Niftymillionaire member & farmer from Karnataka. has outperformed porinju. Let’s talk about my one of a member from Nifty Millionaire Mr. S. Khatri from a remote village from Karnataka.

He is a farmer and has dreamt of a good life for his family, career for his child. But to make it happen in reality, he needs some good wealth. Because his dreams are for longterm not for short term. That’s why with the help of his friend he came to know about the stock market.

The place where he/every investor/trader can earn whatever he wants*.

But as we find terms and conditions everywhere, it was also here with this statement. But majority traders never cared for this asterisk ( * ) – terms and condition. Let see his journey from a Farmer to a Successful Investor for making his dream true.   

For that dream, he approached many advisory companies and brokers. But he never got satisfied. As we know the majority of advisory or brokers are short-term oriented. That’s why your broker will focus only on ‘n’ number of trades and if you think of your advisory then it is also focused mainly on intraday trading.

So Mr. S. Khatri did not just stop at this advisory and brokers, but he continues his research. And during that research, he came to know about Nifty Millionaire And after the discussion with his Club Manager, he got new vision to the market and also his club manager finds out some problems and helps him in setting right expectation.

Here is the conversation with his Club manager :

Club Mgr: Hello, good afternoon!

Mr. S. Khatri :  Good afternoon. Mujhe jan na tha ka aap meri help kese kar payenge market me earn karne ke liye?

Club Mgr : yes sir me definitely apki help karunga. Lekin kya aap mujhe bata sakte he ki aap market me kitne salo se kaam kar rahe he and kesa raha abhi taka apka experience?

Mr. S. Khatri: me 4-5 saal se kaam karta hu but koi acha result mila nai he. Sab karke dekh liya har roz kaam karke bhi 4-5 din hold rakh ke bhi lekin kuch nai mila.

Club Mgr: ok to sir kya aap mujhe bata sakte he ki aap kitni capital se kaam karte he and kya expectation he apki market se?

Mr. S. Khatri: me 1 lakh se invest karta hu.

Club Mgr: ok  and apki koi expectation kya he ki apko kitne fund ki zarurat padegi apke sapno ko pura karne ke liye?

Mr. S. Khatri: ha, jese me apne 1 lakh  ko 7 saal k baad 30 lakh rs me dekhna chahta hu.

Club Manager : ok but sir pahele to aap mujhe bataiye ki kya ye mumkin he ki 7 saal me 1 lakh ka 30 lakh? Aur agar hum average bhi return 20% (as per Big investors) lekar chale to bhi as per compounding calculator vo 3.50 lakh ke aspas hota he. To bhi vo 7 years me 3.5 guna badha. To ab bataiye sir ki kya lagta he ki market me sab koi 5-7 saal me apne capital ko 30 guna karte honge?  

Mr. S. Khatri: Humm.. nahi vesa to nai hota he..

Club manager: Aur kya lgta he apko jese aap abhi tak jese kaam karte aye he, intraday, aur short term focus rakh ke to us se kya apka goal pura ho payega? Nai na!. To ab apko ye samjana he ki use pura karne ke liye apko kya karna padega?

Kyunki, pahele to apko yaha pe ye focus karna he ki aap kis liye is market me he? Apka focus long term ya short term.

Mr. S. Khatri: Nai

Club manager: Thik he me batata hu. Compounding ka matlab he ki aap apni capital ko market me hi rahene de- reinvest karte jaye. Matlab ki saal k ant me aapne jo bhi kamaya he chahe vo apki capital k 1% ho ya 50% use apko market me hi rahene de na he. Reinvest hi karte rahena he.

Mr. S. Khatri: Ok ok

Club manager: To vahi chiz apko bhi follow karte jana he. Lekin ab aap mujhe bataiye ye sare discussion k baad ki apko kitni capital ki jarurat padegi?

Mr. S. Khatri: 7-8 saal me 15-20 lakh ki to jarurat padegi. Kyunki jese mera beta abhi panchvi class me he. To jab tak vo 16-17 saal ka hoga tab use a6e collage me padhana hoga

Club manager: Humm.. ok to chaliye compounding calculator se count karte he ki apko ye amount tak pahuchne k liye aap ko kitna time dena padega agar aap average 50% return (as per our current CAGR of N.M.) hota he to..


So jese hamne count kiya uske mutabik aap agar 7 years hold rakhte he tab ja kar hi apki capital 16-17 lakh rs ban sakte he. lekin tab tak apko utna patience, discipline rakhna padega to hi vo results milega jo aap chahte he. Matlab Ki jabtak apka beta bada hoga tab tak apke paas usko a6e collage me padhane ke liye a6a sa paisa bhi hoga.

Mr. S. Khatri: Lekin kya ye mumkin he?

Club manager: ha bilkul ho sakta he. Lekin jese abhi tak hamne discuss kiya he compounding k bare me vse apko use follow karna padega. Matlab ye he ki agar aap apne paiso ko reinvest ho ne denge to hi kuch salo k baad ja kar apko ek acha sa return milega. Varna agar aap har baar apne chote chote profits ko nikal denge to aap vahi rahenge jaha se apne shuru kiya tha.

Jese aap aam ka ped lagane ka baad kya aapko turant aam milna shuru ho jata he? Uske liye bhi aap 5-6 saal ka wait karte he right? Tab hi aam pak na shuru hota he right? To vahi market me bhi hota he. Sir market hamari personal jindgi se alag nai he.

Mr. S. Khatri: Sahi he. Utna intazar to karna padta he. To hum market me bhi kar lenge.

Club manager: Aapne bol diya ki aap market me intzar kar lenge aur intzar ho bhi jayega esa nai hota he. Kyunki Jab apke emotions k saath practically aap bhi market me kaam karege tab ja kar apko apne aap me ese guno ko badhana padega, jese ki

1. finding good companies

2. holding winners

3. booking losses

4. have the patience to follow every trade.

Mr. S. Khatri: Thik he.

Club manager: Ye mushkil kyu he kyun ki koi bhi apne paiso par 1rs. ka bhi nukshan bardast nai kar sakta aur kana bhi nai chahta he.

Mr. S. Khatri: Sahi he. Esa to kaun chahega.

Club manager: humm.. Lekin yahi vo moment he jaha par apko apne emotions ko control karna hota he. Kyunki majority retail invesrors isi jageh apne emotions ko control na karke galti karte he. Usi Ki vajhe se unka 5k ka loss 10k ya 15k me badal jata he.

Aur jab baat profits ki ati he tab vo greedy ho jate he and trend ko bina follow kiye hi vo apna 2-3k ka bhi profit book kar lete he. Jaha par chances hote he ki unko 15-17k ka profit mil sakta tha agar vo hold karte to.. So isi vajeh se retail investors ka experience acha nai hota he market me.


Dusri chiz, jese majority retail investors ye sochte he ki vo agar kisi company k saath kaam shuru kar lenge ya to phir kisi professional investor ko follow karna shuru kar lenge to wealth creation kar lenge.

Lekin unko follow karne k saath saath apko unka mindset, unki psychology, unke patience ko bhi follow karna padta he sirf kisi pofessional ko follow karne se paisa nai banta vese hi agar aap ye sochenge ki aap Nifty millionaire ke saath kaam shuru kar lenge aur paisa ban jayega to vesa nai hota he, apko bhi utne hi efforts dene padte he jitna ki Nifty millionaire deta he apke portfolio, apke education ke liye.     

Mr. S. Khatri: Humm… sahi he.

So by this conversation, you are now known that what was his mistakes. He was not wrong that he wants to complete his dreams from the market, but the thing is the way of approaching or you can say the way of working in the market was wrong. That’s why during the conversation, Club Manager has tried to set the right expectation in his eyes.

But still as said we are human beings, are driven by emotions. And there is some kind of things which are very much hard to change. So in Mr. Murli’s case, the same thing has happened. As victim of his greed to make money faster, he has done some mistakes like,

  1. Early booking of profits.
  2. Holding in his critical losses.
  3. Not following every trade. Lack of patience.
  4. Allocating maximum Quantity in only one stock.


That’s why your emotions should not bother you while your investing. So for that, the Nifty millionaire has created a platform which calls Niftymillionaire Tribe. India’s Largest Open & Transparent Platform for traders & Investors when Retails Investors Connect with Professionals in Real time. The platform where you can ask your all doubts and confusion regarding your investments directly to the professional traders. Like whether to hold or exit? Entry or not? What is the technical analysis? Whether fundamentals are strong or not? Where Professional are investing in their portfolio in Real time? 


Along with this, to make you more disciplined and risk-averse, Nifty Millionaire has created one more platform India’s First Personalized portfolio management ( Risk & Money management)  i.e. Profitgyan. Because only the information of What to Buy or Sell or the information of techno-funda will not help you to become successful at investing without Right Allocation.



Because if we take the eg. of Mr. Murli’s farm, then think, only getting information about to planting the crops of mango is a different thing and maintaining it is a different thing. Like if mango tree will be treated as, any number of seeds will be planted for any crop, whatever amount of water will be delivered to the crops, then think what will happen? He will not get crops properly.

So the same thing applies to the market too. I.e. only with the information of entry and exit or the information of techno-funda will not help you. To become successful at investing/trading, you have to allocate your capital properly. As there is one more thing is also important that how much risk you are taking on your capital also how much quantity you are allocating as per your capital.

If we will invest maximum amount from your capital is like 70-75% in only 1 or 2 stocks. Then it will result in, you will miss your upcoming opportunities and also even you will gain your risk too.  

That’s why Nifty Millionaire has developed Profitgyan. That will help you to diversify your risk and also help you to allocate your quantity according to your capital.

So with the help of this platforms, Mr. Murli was able to overcome his mistakes which he has made in past. Like

  1. Start holding winners
  2. Cutting losses early
  3. Following every trade as no one is able to decide anything from only one trade or two trade.

Also when he has started understanding deeply this platform NiftyMillionaire tribe and ProfitGyan, then he has realized that why discipline is important? Why was an allocation in every trade important? Why that patience to hold each trade when needed was important?

And he found his results in Kiri Industry LTD, which was only because of holding and allocating right no share. As he has generated 28% only from Kiri. Which is 70% of his total return of 38%.

Truly said,

Your 20% trades are responsible for your 80% results.

So If you are thinking of doing maximum no of trades and you will get maximum returns then it is not true. Actually, in the market, the thing is all abt probability. No one knows about the market, there is always a 20-80 ratio.

So if in today’s time Nifty millionaire’ member has outperformed porinju returns or you can say another successful investor was just because of, how you approach the market?  So here is the simple but roller coaster journey of Mr.S. Khatri.

So do you think will you be able to make your dream true? Because in this market each and every single person has a new dream. So what do you think? 

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*Professional investors/trader on niftymillionaire platform is Bindul shah. (Sebi Registered) Sebi Registration : INH000003663 (Bindul shah Sebi Registration : INH000003663)

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