Are You Losing Money in Trading?

Yes, you can be as most of the traders are losing their money.

Let’s Check Why You Have Kept Losing?

Don’t get us harsh, but you are bound to lose. We will show you the reasons.

1. You Don’t Know the Market

Yes you do not know the market. You are predicting blindly. You do not know what the trend is. You don’t trade; you just gamble which most of the time leads to heavy and continuous loss.


2. You Don’t Count the Risk, You Count the Profit

You always trade without counting the risk on amount you have invested. Instead you always daydream the profit you are going to make. You should fix your loss and let the profit limitless. But in real life, by not managing the risk, you will never in the position to curtail down your loss.

3. You Believe the Analysts as You can’t Read the Market

Will you carry a business that you don’t know anything about? Obviously you will not. Then why are you trading when you don’t know anything about the market? Will you invest money in the business on someone (Who is not actually performing the business) else’s call? Then why are you trading at analyst’s call? Analyst is not a trader. An analyst can not understand the problems, feelings, emotions and greed of the trader. Ultimately their tip can lead you to the devastating loss.

You Believe the Analysts as You can’t Read the Market
You don’t Reinvest Your Profit in the Market, You take the Money Out

4. You don’t Reinvest Your Profit in the Market, You take the Money Out

This is the most common mistake done by every trader who is in the loss over the years. You run for profit booking and then take the money out. Let’s check what will happen if you keep reinvesting the money.


Warren Buffett is the world’s wealthiest man alive. How can he achieve this mark? The reason is, he kept reinvesting the profit.

He has written a letter to the share holders of his company Berkshire Hathaway on March 1, 2013. Here he has shown how the company has grown from 19$ book value to 114,214$ over the span of 48 years (1964-2012)? The simple reason is that he has achieved 19.7% annual compounding profit.

The Figure 19.7% may look small to it, and yes it is. Then how book value of 19$ reached 114,214$? The answer is 19.7% is not simple profit its COMPOUNDING profit. Please Refer link.

You Want To Be a Millionaire overnight

Yes we know, no one is here to play rummy and earn pennies. Every one wants to earn big from market. But everyone has to face the reality that not a single man has earned a lottery or Jackpot here. You trade in a fake optimism (or extreme over optimism) that you will be a super rich with single intraday trade. May I have to explain you the reason for your loss?

I want to Rectify the Mistakes

Let’s Check How We Earned 24,00,00,000 in 7 Years?

We are also traders like you, but we are not losing. Let me show you why we are making a big profit?
Before heading toward the answer, you must know us well.

What is Nifty Millionaire?

Our organization, NiftyMillionaire, is having a system which tracks the trade of top traders in Nifty and replicates the same trade in our members’ portfolio to help out the traders who are losing their money in market with strong intentions to provide stress less, lucrative and never before trading experience at minimal risk and investment.

At NiftyMillionaire, we are associates of Top Trader Fund which is actually made up of The traders who are managing fund of more than 2500 crore (ICICI, HSBC, CITI Bank, Goldman Sach, etc.) from India and Singapore who have experience of more than 20 years.


What we have done? Our Track record

This section will also answer you the question that Why we are making the big profit from the same market? Top traders of India and Singapore started compound trading in Nifty with investment of Rs. 15000 in the year 2000 and made more than 24 Crore at the end of 7 years (2006).

Actual Wealth Report Of Nifty Millionaire Fund from 2000-2006

(Trade Report Can check http://www.nseindia.com )


Power of Compounding

We Believe in the Power of Compounding…

Compounding refers to a multi-dynamic process where you invest money only once and then generate regular income from it by keeping the profit within the system for longer period of time.

For example if you have invested a single rupee in equity market which over the time earns you profit of 10 paisa. Now you once again invest money in the equity market but the amount will be 1.10 rupees. Let’s have a flow chart.

Know More About Compounding

Logic behind Our Concept

We are not dealing with rocket science. Let us discuss logically. Among all the people trading in equity; only 5% of Them Earns and Rest 95% Loses Money. Why? Let me differentiate Both of Them.

95% Losers
»They want quick profit, so they don’t manage their risk against investment.
»They do not implement stop-loss.
»They do not plan their trading.
»They just gamble in the market.
»They overtrade many of the times.
»They can’t control physical and psychological emotions.
»They do not know the power of compounding.
»They always try average out their loss.
5% Winner
»They are aiming at steady profit by just risking 5 to 7%
of their investment.
»They implement stop-loss.
»They have strong entry and exit plans.
»They learn over the years by analyzing trends and their own
mistakes and  develop skills thereby to be a successful trader.;
»They trade at the right timings in right quantity and at
right frequency.
»They can control physical and psychological emotions.
»They know the power of compounding.
»They always try to average out their profit.

Do you want to be among these 5% Winners? Join Nifty Millionaire

Yes, I Want to BE a Winner!

By Joining Us You Can Get…

By Joining Us You Can Get…

» Stress free trading experience.
» You have to spend only 30 Minutes per month.
» You are given tip of single yet effective trade each month.
» Your risk will be reduced to 5-7% to your invested amount.
(We run with a system, and others run to gamble!)
» Your money is always with you and you are the one who is trading.
» No one will be making any profit out of your portfolio.


By joining NiftyMillionaire you will also get important education through our monthly organized webinars. In simpler terms, it is a combination of two terms web and seminar. How can you get seminar over web? Simple the medium of “expression” is AV (Audio & Video). Let’s check out our webinar of the month.

Check Out Previous Webinars (Link to NiftyMillionaire YouTube Channel)

Webinar of the month


How Can We be So Confident?

Returns are always subject to Market Risk, We all know that. But we can reduce the risk. Let’s check how?

Have 75,000 INR in your Account (You are the owner and trader for the mentioned money. It is a kind of safety margin that is required for rolling over.)

Top Traders will count 5 to 7% risk on individual client’s portfolio

According to that NiftyMillionaire will give quantity detailing how much lot they have to trade

Listen, What our members are saying about us !!

– Krishna Solanker

– Gurcharan Singh

– Smriti Pandey

– Rajandran S

Join The Club Trusted By 1000+ Traders

Some of the Points for Which Our Member feel Special about Us

» We don’t need to stay glued in front of computers or business channels all day.
» We just need to spend 30 minutes a month
» NIftyMillionaire has taken away all the stress from trading. We can balance out our personal and professional life in much better way.
» Our money is always with us.

Why We Are Doing This?

» Unemployment and Inflations are increasing Day by Day.
» You can not overcome recession, more importantly; you will never know when it will land on your portfolio.
» We can educate more and more people by weaving them in a thread.
» We think, like us, you can also change the dimensions of your life and can be a millionaire.

Plans to Become a Member


You are in Safe Hands

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