Grow Your Portfolio As Nifty is Growing

You are very well known to our last two successful trades. In which we have covered almost 200+ points each. We gained approx 10k to 12k almost in each trade.


You are thinking that why I am talking about this today? 

But I am feeling grateful by informing you that as I told you Mr. Pratik Patel and Mr. Mitul Shah (Professional trader Sebi Registration: INH000002707) has identified one great opportunity. 

Yes, you heard right…

And I am Very Much happy to inform you that that opportunity is growing like anything. and that is I am not saying Market itself saying this. 

Look at the market today it has grown like anything. And It will grow like Anything, You just need to have patience. It is 100+ point from the yesterday’s closing. 

Take a look,



So are you wondering that how does this happen?

But don’t expect from me that I will discuss some technical view, or some fundamentals nothing…

Because every time only technicals and fundamental does not affect. Ya I know it has the major impact but along with it, your conviction is also responsible. Why I Am saying so because of today whatever trade you are watching given by Mr. Pratik Patel and Professional Trader, it is majorly because of their conviction.  

They have their last 10-15 years ups and downs experience. and now today they are getting their fruits – results of this much year’s hard work. So Do you want to join them in their Journey? Click Here.

You should hurry because time is limited… Join Today to Grow your Investments Like Nifty is Growing. 


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*Professional investors/trader on niftymillionaire platform is Mitul shah. (Sebi Registered) Sebi Registration : INH000002707

You are in Safe Hands

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