Gold – What to do ?

Happy dhanteras to all of you, I wish you all a great year ahead and i wish you pray saraswatiji this new year and maha laxmiji will shower wealth to you.

Gold India – Its in long uptrend from last 2 decade. gold has been consolidating from 2012 to 2019. Almost 7 years consolidation. as We say structurally , Bigger the base, Higher The Space. 7 year base breakout and it moved 36000 to 52000 in few months. Now what next?



Gold MCX abv 52500 next objective 63015 / 69500. Let it close abv weekly 52500 so next trend will start for 63015/69500

Money keeps flowing from one asset class to other asset class for higher returns vs Risk.  Lets understand how nifty perform vs Gold. Gold is underperforming nifty from last many weeks. Till it is not abv 1. Being invested in stockmarket is good as investor prospective. Small headwinds for gold compare to equity.

Gold Vs TLT : How gold is reacting to Us government Bond market. This is very important ratio to understand how reserve banks , global fund managers are doing allocation.

Gold is outpeforming US treasuries from last many months. Till this ratio is above 1. Nothing to worry as Gold bullish view. Keep track of this how global investors are positioning and allocating money.



Is is bullion Bull market?

Silver is smallcap of bullion market. When this ration reverse from underperformance, historically Bullion has great bull run. Till this ratio is above blue line. We can take this information that bullion bull market is on.

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