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Our unique approach to active trading and our most vibrant member community offer an unparalleled trading/investing experience.

Our platform and Discipline/Rules based trading processes are designed to empower you. We create best learning experience to help you meet your unique trading goals / financial goals.

Why Niftymillionaire Become India's Largest Trading Club ?

Trading Portfolios

We have 2 portfolios that you may choose to either replicate or generate your own ideas. The first one focuses on short term to mid term trading stocks showing momentum ideas , we believe will grow sustain-ably over year by year. The second one is an managed portfolio of techno funda stocks , when we identify companies with strong fundamental & technically breaking out. 


Slack (Application) is where the daily action will happens. We have privilege in our diverse and always helpful member community which includes fund managers and professional traders. Since the channels get very rich at times, we archive all the channel discussions. You’ll find many golden nuggets here! Slack discussions are informal yet deep and insightful. They often lead to very useful decisions on investing and trading. 

Premium Content

We will be sharing Lots of Financial Freedom Actionable ideas, Trading Books review, Sharing what We are reading for week or month. Webinars & Trading Mindset videos will be shared.




Our Approach

"Niftymillionaire took birth to help people to understand how to establish relationship with money and finally assist them to achieve Financial Freedom."

- Pratik Patel Founder of Niftymillionaire

We have Helped 1700+ Investors to start their financial freedom journey in last 3 years.

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Do you provide tips? Can I buy based on your advice?

In one word: no. Please do not treat anything at Niftymillionaire as investment advice. Niftymillionaire does not provide any recommendations of securities. However, you may choose to consider our content as one input in your decision making process. While we may talk about strategies or positions in the market, our intent is solely to showcase How to analyze stocks . effective risk-management in dealing with trading markets. This is purely an information service and any trading done on the basis of this information is at your own, sole risk.

Team Behind Heroic Support


Abishek Raaman

He loves to Help People to start their Financial Freedom Journey.


Apurva Panchal

She Loves to Help Traders to overcome Mistakes that 95% traders do & become Loser.


Madhavi Pareek

She is passionate about delivering great customer experience.


Teddy Bear

The more homogeneous the group, the more cohesive it will be.


Dhruvi Joshi

She loves to Create Positive impact in investor/trader’s life by sharing her knowledge.


Lokesh Joshi

He is passionate about cycling. He had completed 300 km in a day as cyclist. 


Prakash Pathak

He loves to help making investor taking few steps towards financial freedom. 


Jay Dabhi

He had helped 500+ People To Start Their Financial freedom journey.  

Imran Shaikh

Imran Shaikh

He was trader & he loves to share his experience how he had lossed his all capital. What they should not do ? 


Pravin Desai

He is Our Trouble Shooter Guy ! 


You can be here !

We are looking for smart individuals Who can help us to achieve our mission. 


Awaiting !

Large teams can divide into subteams according to need.

You are in Safe Hands

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