First time Ever Now you can have one to one chat with Professional Trader

imageYou heard it right – Personal i.e. one-to-one interaction with a successful Trader.

Take it as a Festive season gift (Is it FREE ?) from Niftymillionaire.

In India it never happened before. You have been talking to brokers, analyst, advisers for any investment related guidance and lost huge amount along with your peace and prosperity.

We bring this once in a Lifetime opportunity for you where you can speak to one of top traders who have been with us since beginning and helping middle class to enjoy stress Free and Tension Less trading experiences.

They are top traders because they have been trading since last around 25 years for big corporate giants like ICICI, HSBC, CITI and Goldman Sachs.

Not only that let us also share their recent performance in the table below:

We have the detailed report (of Jain Irrigation, Cox & Kings Ltd and Munjal Showa Ltd) also available for you which you can ask your Club Manager to help you with.

By reading the report you can clearly see that Top Trader are so much dedicated to help you with a beautiful detailed but jargon free report and it’s not just going to be a matter of privilege for you but also a session of immense knowledge.

Since 8/10/15 years, you are struggling to understand the market and have not been able to get clarity about many doubts. Due to internet overload of information and complexity of the explanation, even reading and understanding becomes tough.

This session will help you take all your doubts forever as now You have this wonderful opportunity to talk to a trader who has also burnt his hands in the same field and has proven himself continuously for last many years.

These Top traders whenever do one-to-one consultancy charges a whopping sum of Rs. 18,000-20,000 per hour and charges for a minimum group of 25 people is Rs. 60,000 – 1,00,000 per hour.

Since they are among the top 5% of traders who are making consistent profit and they have their proven success chart so this fee is certainly reasonable.

Not only that once you pay lets say Rs.20,000 for an hour for consultancy, it certainly has this magical effect on your coming performance in the market and within few months, you feel that deciding to pay this some was a wise decision.

However, If we think from an average retail trader’s perspective, he/she lets say even pays Rs. 10,000 for an half an hour session and then pays a fee of Rs. 25,000 for the annual services so total payment of Rs. 35,000 and it can be a difficult task for you.

We know what are you thinking that though Niftymillionaire is helping you with this opportunity to have a personal interaction with a successful trader and this can be the life changing event of your life but somewhere it looks almost not happening with you.

If we say it to you that we are also committed to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity and we have an amazing Gifting option for you, how does it sound to you?

For all those who smiled and said, “please do something so that I can grab the best available knowledge from an experienced and successful trader”, here is the deal:

Making your festive season investment the best ever, we are Providing such a session with Top Trader for Free.

Yippppeeeeee, yes yes yes, you don’t have to pay for this wonderful personal interaction with a successful top trader, with someone who well understand how to face the uncertainties.

Here is the detail for you:

Programme name: One-to-one session with a Top Trader

Charge: Free (Exclusive for Club member)

Time: Half an hour ( From 4 PM to 7 PM on Mon-Fri and whole day on Sat)

Last date: 05-10-2016

The only catch here is that your joining with Niftymillionaire should be done till 5th Oct, 2016 at 11:59 PM.

Not only that, we have decided to make your festivals filled with more memorable offers.

Our annual fee for the Techno-Funda investing is Rs. 20,500 per year and we have huge festival discount of Rs. 6000 for you.

So what are you thinking now, just Pay Rs. 14,500 till 05-10-2016 and apart for the annual services, also get an amazing opportunity to talk to our top -trader for half an hour.

In the half-an-hour session, you and the successful trader, only two parties are going to be there over the phone. Our trader will directly dial your numbers as per the pre-booking done with our club manager.

Yes, a very important point, please update your best contact number available of yours to be reached.

To get the exclusive right to claim this once in a lifetime gift, click below and be a member of Niftymillionaire till 05-09-2016:

Join Now

For any question, talk to your club manager at 022-30987899.

You are in Safe Hands

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