EMI – What Is That?





Have you ever make any investments which will become an extra source of income when needed?




Have you ever think to complete your liabilities as early as possible i.e. to complete your liabilities in just 3 to 4 years rather than 7 years?


Are you worried about this kind of situation?


If yes! Then, have you ever tried to find out the way to complete it?


Why am I asking so?


Because there are so many different ways in the market.


Like Fixed Deposit, Mutual fund, bonds etc but one of from that can affect your corpus immensely.


If you remember as we discussed stock market. It is the place where you can invest little but It has potential to give you good returns.


If you manage the risks, you can take the advantage of the stock market to secure your financial positions and earn money.


Investing in the market also brings benefits that are part of being one of a business’s owners.


Let see, how much you can grow if you make an investment in this kind of stocks.


for Eg, 

Excel Crop LTD

They are a farming solutions provider that strives to reach out to every farmer, across the globe, so that he sows quality seeds, nurtures them well and reaps the benefits – year after year.

It has grown like anything 1334.78% if one could have made investments around 2013 December. 


Excel Industries LTD

Since its inception in 1941, Excel Industries Limited has been known as a pioneer in the area of crop protection chemicals for the Industry as well as the farming.

You will not be able to avoid this immense growth of Excel Industry i.e. 1953.47% in just last 5 years. 


This is the stocks that can change your portfolio remarkably. It has a vast impact on your life too.


So here in the market, as I said before how much time you enter is important but more than that in which type of stocks you are making investments? That is the most important concern.


Because if you invest in this kind of stock who are fundamentally strong but technically it has no movement – no breakout. Then you will get stuck in one stock only.

DLF Ltd.

A premier real estate company in India for six decades has become synonymous … 200 of 2007 dated 16.07.2007,

It has no movements For almost 10 to 11 years. 

Do you think so will you be able to hold for this much years.



NTPC Limited is India’s largest energy conglomerate with roots planted way back in 1975 to accelerate power development in India.

It has very much good future and very good fundamentals but there are no technical breakouts.

let’s look into it,

So this shows that these companies have very much good future but till that you have to wait for 2-3 or n number of years. This results in loss of opportunity cost. That you will be stuck in one position, and not able to invest in other growing companies.


To avoid this kind of stocks, Niftymillionaire has launched platform Nfitymillionaire Tribe. This platform will help you to get direct guidance from the professional trader.


Along with to manage your risk and money as per your capital Niftymillionaire has developed another platform i.e ProfitGyan – India’s First Risk and Money Management Platform.

Niftymillionaire Tribe – Your Social Investment Network

ProfitGyan – India’s First Risk & Money Management Platform

Let see, with the help of professional traders how Niftymillionaire has made a remarkable growth in their member’s portfolio.


For Eg,

Kiri Industries 

“Kiri Industries Limited (KIL) is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of wide range of Dyes, Intermediates, and Chemicals from India.

It got Immense Growth in just a few months, it got doubled in just 12 months.

let’s take a look,


So that’s why we have to look after on how you invest in the market and the most important thing is how you manage your emotions i.e. greed, excitement, mood swing.

Now, I hope you understood that to reduce your burden (EMI- Evil Monthly Installment) how you should invest in the market?. Because just investing in the market is not enough.


How are you making investments? In which kind of stocks you are investing? These are the important points which you need to take care. These points will give you immense growth in your investments.


So what are you waiting for!


Grab your biggest opportunity


But there is a little twist in the story, that,


if you have smaller amount i.e. below 1 lakh, still you DO NOT NEED TO WORRY. Because you can start investing with any amount you have. Also, our smaller Investments will guide you according to your risk (stop loss) and money (Quantity) management.

And if you have more than 1-1.5 lakh and also you wanted to get connected with professional traders and normal traders from all over India.


Grab your opportunity! Go for it.

You are in Safe Hands

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