Niftymillionaire’s Mobile Application is solving the biggest pain point of the traders/investors and that’s the reason traders are voting out it as the best APP in India.


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If I ask you – what is the biggest pain point of yours as a trader/investor in the market?
The answer is – Whom to trust, why to trust for the investment ideas?
Any why not, after all it’s your hard earned money and why someone else should enjoy on your savings?
There are more than 3000 active advisory companies in this space and almost every of them are asking you to trust them blindly and do buy-sell what they are asking you to do.
This is the main reason of your huge losses because you have no clue why should you follow their instructions, if they have taken the same risk what they are asking you to take in the stock market?
This APP has features which has resolved this pain point of yours.
Here you can directly get in touch with the successful professional traders who have combined experiences of more than 25 years. Niftymillionaire does not provide any tips. We are creating platform to make stress free & transparent learning Experience to work with professional investor.
If you think why you should believe their professional acumen, here is the proof below – 
The awesome track record presented above shows the recent performance data of last 2 months.
Now, the question is – how are they bringing the 100% transparency they claim about on this APP?
1) The moment any professional make any Entry in the market, they update their LIVE terminal screenshot on the APP and you can directly copy the same trade in your portfolio. They will also share why they have bought that stock or sold, so you can also learn how to decide trend & etc.
  Since a professional trader has already invested in the same script and you are just copying it, you feel confident because you know that at least that trader will not gamble his money.
Let me show you a screenshot for your reference –
In the above image you can see that trader Bindul Shah (Research analyst  Registration No :INH000003663) has shared his entry screenshot of trade on the APP. He has bought LT  at price 1494.85 with SL 1460 in Stock Futures on 02-03-2017 1:21 PM.
2) Whenever you want a second opinion on your existing portfolio or on your own research about any script, you can directly chat with the professional trader before making any speculation in the market. This way you always have a shoulder to bank upon and you don’t feel lost in the market.
Here is a screenshot for your reference –
In the above image a retail trader/investor like you named Mr. Rakesh Gupta has asked to the professional trader about Axis Bank Fut and the trader answers his question immediately with complete detail.
3) More than 500 traders are part of this APP already in such a short span of launching so you become part of a progressive community where everyone is motivating one another to be disciplined and to hold their entries for longer, to take benefit of Power of Compounding and to learn from different sources and sharing with everyone else present on the APP.
See at the image below where one of the trader like you named Mr. Atool shares a passage he read from the famous book “13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck” and everyone else could take benefit of this.
Do you think of any pain point you think this APP has not taken care of, let us know and we would love to resolve it as we along with those more than 500 traders/investors present on the APP know that this community is learning and earning both with lot of ease and the trust is given the first priority here.
To add, Niftymillionaire announces a colourful discount for you,

 Lets celebrate your investment with this colourful discounting offers.

Just pay Rs. 14500/- till 11:59 PM on 12-03-2017 (Sunday) to be the part of the APP community and take all the above mentioned advantages. The fee increase to Rs. 20,500/- from 13-03-2017.

For any query related APP features and uses/assistant to download the APP, please get in touch with us through phone, email, Chat on website, etc.

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