Checklist before you Invest

A Checklist standardizes the process to ensure that all elements and actions are addressed. If something is complex, making a checklist simplifies it so that you will make lesser mistakes.

If you are financially immature, there are two options. Acquire necessary skills to understand a product or approach a Financial Coach. You might find it bit difficult to believe however, for me, the first option looks better.

Before you accept Niftymillionaire as your Financial Coach let us help you with the first option and teach you some primary steps you need to understand when it comes to start your investment.

Here are the points showing how a Checklist is important:
1) Disciplined & Systematic
2) Avoid Short Cuts
3) Keep emotions/behavioral biases in check
4) Avoid mob mentality
5) Don’t miss bigger picture
6) Allow review of decisions

This video will explain you how to prepare your checklist, what all need to be included in the checklist and how to review your checklist as it is very important to have a check on investments till the time we achieve our goal.

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