Case Study


Name of the Club Member – Murali Iyer



Place of residence: Shivamogga, Karnataka

Profession: Agriculturist/Farmer

Aim: to get a financial support system in a remote area where one can not have access of any such option.

His difficulties & efforts:

  • Stays in a very remote area at Agaradahalli post, dist – Shivamogga, Karnataka.
  • For 4 years, took help from many advisory or did guess work.
  • Even tried Commodities (offline) – Gold,Silver, zinc, Lead, Mg and Crude.
  • Was having zero knowledge. Used to sit on a running horse.
  • Was guided initially through business channels’ analysts/experts.
  • Tried and burnt his fingers in Forex trading.
  • An emotional and greedy person.
  • Lost a total of 12 lakhs.

How Nifty Millionaire helped him:

  • Turned him into a curious learner. (basic understanding improves your psychology)
  • Made him to understand why not to trade during volatility. (moment of limitless risk )
  • Learning how to read trend being since last two years with us. (connects to rhythm of market)
  • Methodology helped him to control emotions and greed. (market has no place for emotions)
  • Only trading in Index so that no need to change segments. (fundamentals of index are strong)

Why he is there with Nifty Millionaire since last two years:

  • Money is appreciating year after year.
  • Knows how to differentiate between business and emotions.
  • Has full faith that he will earn lot more than what he lost in past.
  • Even at a remote place, financial freedom seems achievable now.
  • Enjoy long drives whenever he wants as he is fond of this activity.
  • Does charity work comfortably.


Note : 1) He made four of his friends to be a part of Nifty Millionaire club. We are grateful for his support.

2) Wants us to help him with some new product like stock futures.



Name of the Club Member : Mr. Jignesh patel

Place of residence : Vadodara

Nature of work : Agro-chemical manufacturing business

His aim : to create a corpus to scale up his business

His efforts & Difficulties :

1)      Invested 3 years learning about stock market.

2)      Tried hard to find out good companies who could help him as he is mainly engrossed in his business.

3)      Worked with advisory companies from Delhi, Indore, Ahmedabad, Gandhi Nagar, Wapi.

4)      Lost huge sum working with everyone.

5)      His core business also suffered frequently.

How Nifty Millionaire helped him :

1)      Changed his focus from trading and now his soul focus is – WEALTH CREATION. ( Ultimately everyone wants money)

2)      Risk management & money management. (controlling losses in any business is must)

3)      Limited number of trades. (can focus on core work profile)

4)      Power of Compounding. (only way to create wealth used by every money-making human)

5)      One- time investment. (gives you an idea what minimum amount is required to beat inflation)

Why did he do 2 years of renewal with Nifty millionaire :

1)      Stress-free and tension – less investor life

2)      No need to divert and look market

3)      Can enjoy his business life, family life and his own time as well.

4)      Is out of greed now and has improved psychology.

5)      Very nominal annual fee to avail life changing experience.

You can Watch Mr Jignesh Patel’s Experience with Niftymillionaire via Video.

– Mr Jignesh Patel from Vadodara,Gujarat

Disclaimer : Testimonial is for Reference of How we had given services to old client. Result may very client to client.


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