Why becoming rich is not an accident, it’s a complete process?

Recently I along with few of my friends was going to Marin Lines in Mumbai and we happened to cross by Mukesh Ambani’s residence at South Mumbai. We were in a car. We stopped our car outside his house as we wanted to raise our excitement level by gazing the costliest house of the world. One of the friends standing nearby me uttered, “This is called Luck.” The discussion about luck favoring all the rich went for hours.

You must have seen that such discussions are usually a frequent talked topic of a group of those who have not been able to create wealth themselves. Unfortunately, there numbers (no. of failures) are more than 90% of the national population. Mostly even try to prove that Luck has played the vital role. Few will even say, hard work, planning, smart work, dedication, discipline, etc would have not resulted into wealth creation if luck would have not favored the riches.

Why today I want to discuss this point is because when anyone connects richness with Luck it means he is making it an accidental event or something which happens by chance.

I don’t deny the power of Luck. In fact I am not much aware of luck however the way people describes the role of luck in human life, these are the few examples which people generally utter incidentally, “Luckily I missed the bus and that bus met with an accident, It was my luck that the moment I entered in the college Prof. Gupta was there and I could talk to him, What a luck Shyam had today, he was also at the crossing when chief minister’s car passed by from there.

Reading above examples related to Luck must have made it bit clear in your mind that Luck is not something which is related to particularly money making in fact it is simply related to any common event of our life. Then how come we designate Luck as a supreme authority to decide who will be making money and who won’t.

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Still the question is not answered completely and the new question which forms now is – If becoming reach is not an accidental event then what is it and why it happens with rare few?

To get the right answer, let’s first try to find out the answer of why few become rich.

During our childhood, few of our classmates used to be toppers, few used to be sports champions, others drawing and essay champs. Even you remember clearly why there were few who always used to win awards and there were few who used to make late entry as winner in fact there were certainly few of them who were once winner but later they lost their places.

Generally talking, these winners were those who deserved to be recognized for their talent, hard work, smart work, etc. Now, why few deserved? These deserving guys were those who put their hard work, smart work, commitment, discipline.

They were those who were constantly concerned about losing their recognition, they were those who thought they are born to be the topper, these were those who kept working on themselves so that they can improve regularly and reach at the top, they were those who also failed however understood that failure is the part of success, they understood that they need to prepare more, they start following those who had already left their mark in that particular field.

The same theory work when it comes to who would be becoming rich. The one who deserves becomes rich. The one deserves does provide a lot of input towards his personal growth, towards the growth towards his commitment, his thought process, his vision, his honesty towards his planning and execution, etc. Here is the list of few habits of rich people:

  • They exercise regularly so that can be able to spend more energy.
  • They read regularly so that they can learn from the best sources available around.
  • They focus more on savings and investment.
  • They set their goal, plan, execute and review.
  • They follow the well known formula of wealth creation – making their money work for them.
  • They believe on themselves and their dreams and that shape their behavior.
  • They repeat same good activity till the time it becomes their habit.

The list can have few more points however I want to make it clear that when you observe or read about all those whom you or the world consider rich, none of them became wealthy over night.

It took many decades/years/days/hours to keep working on their dream and then today we can observe the fascinating outcomes.

We tend to ignore the process of winning. Even if you want to be a successful painter, guitarist, it takes years of practice, learning, improvisation, discipline and belief.

The process or the Journey of richness make all the difference and if we want to be a rich person, let’s not focus on winners and their life in fact focus on the process of winning.

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