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If we say to you that we have made Financial learning easy to learn and fun to understand how you would feel.

Yes, we observed that financial learning is in actual sense available to only few privileged lot who were coming from good educated background. The financial education is designed heavily inclusive of jargons and complex content. The entire teaching is designed which a normally educated person cannot understand.

Though due to digital portals like, rediff, youtube, there are good amount content available for people to learn however everyone is just talking about basic points and no one is going into deeper level which can help you to make bigger gains from the market.


Hence, we thought to resolve this pain point through our Live Workshops. See what Mr. XXX has to say about our workshop


We have already educated more than 25000 traders/investors through our youtube channel (, blog page (, E-books (, emails, etc.

In workshop, these are the main content we are going to discuss:

  • The most effective tool in Stock market – POSITION SIZING
  • Understanding STOP LOSS and ENTRY POINT with the help of LIVE Chart.
  • What to do when your growth in the market stops?
  • Understanding the psychology of trading and how the birth of a common behavior takes place?
  • Reading monthly, weekly and daily charts
  • How to have the effective checklist of investment.
  • A Live Q&A session with a successful trader

This is a full-day event and our experts are going to cover lot of important topics. Our aim is to empower every individual with enough knowledge & skills required to become an independent trader.

This is few benefits you would walk away with out of this workshop-

  • More clarity of chart reading, understanding breakouts, tracing most suitable and exact SL and ENTRY positions.
  • Ways to minimize the losses and handling situations smartly when sitting with losing positions.
  • How to maintain a consistent growth in the market.
  • How to not get affected with various noises and instead take advantage of them.
  • Future outlook of the market and how to strengthen your position accordingly.
  • Understanding Position sizing, controllable and uncontrollable acts in the market.

The best advantages of this live session are:

  • You get personal attention of the presenter.
  • You can directly talk to the presenter/speaker during Lunch, tea and networking times and get personal help from them.
  • A friendly and caring environment created by us helps you to explore more about investment world with interactions done with many participants present there.
  • You can get an opportunity to become a part of first Indian APP where more than 300 traders/investors like you can interact, discuss and share their knowledge with each other anytime.

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