Do you know, FREE TRIALS are Banned by SEBI?

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Today I come with the great GOOD NEWS for traders! Yes, Finally Free Trials Got Banned By SEBI. I know majority might be you are aware of this thing as it is applied from 1st of Jan, 2020. 

Due to these FREE TRIALS many traders have lost their hard – earned money in the market. They not just lost their Hard- earned money but, they have lost their dreams, their motivation to work in to the market. Many Have come up with dreams like,

  • they want to give their child the best education,
  • or might be the great career opportunities,
  • or some time few are coming up to plan their peaceful retirement.

But everything just get spoiled because of this Free Trial’s Trap.

But Today, I really feel Proud to share this News as Nifty Millionaire has never offered this Free Trials. Because this Free trials ruined not just trader’s life, It ruined life – dreams of his/her families. 


From the Day one Nifty millionaire was always in the oppose of this Freetrials. Because there is a logic, let me explain to you.

Can you tell me, is there any relation between last trade and current trade? The answer is “No”. So If i will give you free trials of 1 day or 1 week or 1 month then they can not be the same always!

What you will assume that if in this trial period, if you got Profits then the whole year will be profitable? Or If it goes in losses then whole year will be in loss only! How can you assume this!

Because Every trade is different and every moment in the market is different.

You will Earn money only when the person who is guiding you is able to accept the change in the market scenario. But the Person will only able to accept the change when he is also able to understand your emotions, your mindset at the current market situation.

You tell me one thing, There is a market scenario, where 2 people are in front of you and telling to buy the stock.,


Mr. A will tell you like, I have bought xyz stock @ w level, you should also strongly look for it. 


Mr. B will tell you like, I think XYZ stock is good opportunity to buy @ w level. 


So tell me who will be more appropriate for you?

Mr. A who is also invested in that stock with his own money which he is suggesting you, Or

Mr. B who neither have even strong conviction on his suggestion nor he has traded himself too.

Think Wisely, It’s about YOUR Financial Life.


Yes, you got right, Mr. A will be more appropriate for you. Because as we discussed he is also involved completely in that stock. So he is able to understand you and your emotions too. So he will be the best person for you to earn good money out of the market. Right!

Still there are many traders who want overnight success so they are still looking for this free trials. But There are many traders who actually want to live their dreams in reality, they actually wanted to become a successful Profitable trader. That’s why they seek the help of the Person like Me. A. Just like Mr. Pratik Patel and Mr. Mitul Shah – The Professional traders of Nifty millionaire.

They are having combined the experience of 20-25 years in the market. They want to share their experience, their learning with you. That leanings can help you to grow faster in your trading life. They have faced all the emotion that you are facing right now like,

  • Greed,

  • Failure,

  • being missed out,

  • small profits,

  • early bookings,

  • hope,

  • average in loss,

Each every emotions. So that’s why they are helping you to how will you change your trading behavior in the market.

Because you know, Each and every systems – strategy has success, but still 95% traders are not making money in the market, because you are majorly focusing on system rather than yourself. So these

Professional traders are helping you to overcome this situation in the market, They are helping you to focus on your trading behaviour, they help you to become more rational, more disciplined, patient trader in the market.

Let me show you some happy faces who has evolved themselves as a Profitable trader with the help of these Professional traders.

Let me show you one more thing, how this traders become happy and Profitable traders! 

Take a look at their journey, which kind of trades they are working on and also what they are getting through their whole year’s journey with The Professional traders of Nifty millionaire. 


On 27th dec. 2019 bought PVR LTD with the risk of only 1% of the capital and in a single lot booked amazing profit of 17600/- 


On 24 dec. 2019 bought Crude oil from 4334 to 4375! Booked an amazing Profit with the risk : reward of 1:2 and more.


On 30th Aug 2019 bought HDFC Bank from 1120 to 1238 ! Booked a great profit of 54000/-


These are the recent trades, for more detailed information you can check the Trade sheet on the website. Along with this there is much more value addition is providing to traders like,

This way Professional traders are helping members of Nifty millionaire and they would like to help each and every individual who wanted to become an independent successful trader. 


Because success is not the magic, It is their knowledge, their Lifelong learning, their experience. For what members are joining them and follow them to improve their LEARNING & EARNING.

So if you are also suffering from the same issues like,


  • not able to understand the market’s fluctuations,

  • uncontrollable emotions,

  • unable to give proper time to the market,

  • or you have faced a lot of frauds due to the Free trials and demos


Then you are most welcome to Niftymillionaire, where The Professional traders will help you to come out of all the traps.

To join the Professional Traders community CLICK HERE.


And mind my words follow them with proper discipline you will get your desired results.


So This new year let’s make a resolution that will always avoid Instant gratification like Free trials and Will help ourselves to learn everyday something new about the market.

Further Assistance,

Call :022-48932114 / 9324855550

*Professional investors/trader on niftymillionaire platform is Mitul shah. (Sebi Registered) Sebi Registration : INH000002707

You are in Safe Hands

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