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Dear Trader,

We all enter now in year 2016 and I wish a fantastic time and fabulous Financial life in coming days of the year. I just don’t want to wish you this year too as I did last year, in fact I want to go one step extra and would like to share my learnings and experiences which I could grab in the market or through talking to many people during Seminars and Webinars organised by me in last one year. These points have nothing to do with new year resolution which hardly lasts in our mind for 5-10 days.

On the basis of my personal experiences, I am going to list few FINANCIAL LEARNING LESSONS for you.

1) Don’t worry too much about making money: – In Epic Gita Krishna says something similar to Arjuna – You just do your work and don’t think about the consequences. It equally applies in the market. The focus behind your investment should not be – profit. Profit is always given by the market and no body can control it. Your duty is to follow disciplinary steps like money management, risk management and trading management and be consistent with them throughout your trading life. Even initially it does not help you to make return don’t develop a fear, just stick to it for long term and trust me you would see amazing outcomes in terms of money and you also evolve as a successful trader/investor.
2) Understand first and then do the work that matters to you: I have many people are running a rat race in their life. They are busy whole days, weeks, months serving others and unfortunately don’t have time for their oneself, their important desires. Sometime When I make a call to someone who have registered with us on our website (www.niftymillionaire.com) and is struggling in his financial life, they are mostly busy and try to get knowledge and required information in bits and pieces.
                            Deeply understand this fact the work profile you are busy with could not and is not able to help you to grow wealthy and that’s the reason you are going for additional ways to accumulate wealth. Also due to horrible inflation rate and evil taxes, you have to go for a system where your money is making money for you and out of your investments, some chunk of fund should be invested in stock market as equity has always proved to be beating inflation if done for long-term.
                            Take out some time to focus towards effective investments now because if you don’t do that as early as possible, you are moving gradually towards losing the Financial battle. You can’t completely depend upon others to make money for you as it is never going to be possible.
3) Celebrate Success/Profit and Learn from Failures/Losses: Even a small success has to be celebrated. More than 90% traders are losing their money in the market, in such a scenario if you are making profit, be happy and cheer about it. You deserve that. On the other side When you lose, don’t panic. Don’t lose your cool. You are not the only one to go through this phase. In fact mostly are into the same category and it’s also true that all of them want to be on the other side however few only taste success because they have made bigger loses than you in the market however learnt from their mistakes and hence changed their trading life.
4) Work on your Personal knowledge and share it: One thing which can make a huge change in your entire life is READING. Read more and enrich your knowledge bank as much as possible. It sharpens your analytical brain and consequently your attitude towards different aspects of life changes. Also share it with more number of people. It serves two purposes – If someone is more knowledgeable than you, can correct or update your knowledge and If you are more knowledgeable, they will get benefited too.
5) Stay a learner even after making a successful trading life: Most investors/traders who have been successful have now started taking themselves to be akin to fund managers despite very little experience.  The feeling around is that they now have the mantra, the secret of how to lead their portfolios to more multi bagger returns through 2016 and beyond.
                                most of these investors have a history of being in the market for not more than 2-3 years. they have never seen a market crash and have thus participated in mid and small caps at a time when the overall small and mid caps have been on a dream run. Most of the investors turned advisers never found any idea. They were fortunate to read ideas through some form of media and assumed those ideas as of their own origin.
                                To be a wealthy person always stay hungry and stay foolish as said by Steve Jobs. 
6) Exercise regularly and feel its power to improve your Trading Life: Physical fitness improves your mental fitness too and consequently you develop right dose of mental balance which is a must to succeed in the market. It’s very important to understand that psychology plays the biggest role in creating a huge difference between successful and failure traders.
                                 Always remember, ” JO FIT HAI WO HIT HAI ( one who is physically fit has maximum probability to achieve success)”.
Making them short, here are the 4 simple steps to be followed in 2016:
1) Exercise daily.
2) Read regularly.
3) Don’t fear , take calculated risk.
4) Avoid instant gratification.
” It’s not the market or the money which connect us. It’s our compassion which brings us together on a platform called Niftymillionaire. Wish you a prosperous and a strong Financial Year 2016. “
I am looking forward for getting suggestions & feedback to make Niftymillionaire “Best Wealth management club for Traders & investors”. Good Idea will be Rewared. Please mail me at millionaire@niftymillionaire.com
Pratik Patel
CEO – Niftymillionaire


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