India’s biggest Live Hangout of Stock Trader Pratik Patel interview brought to you by Niftymillionaire

How to become a successful trader is the question of 90% retail traders. These traders are making huge losses. They want to know the trading techniques, trading strategies, how to put Stop Loss, how to make profit, etc. They have a desire to learn about how professional traders work in the market, how much they gain annually from the market?

Pratik Patel, India’s youngest successful trader who has been Interviewed in the video by Host Abishek Raaman, answers several such questions. The list of few questions which are part of this session are following:

  1. If a professional trader has any fear of Loss before entering into the market?
  2. What does it mean by – Market is always right?
  3. Till what time one should hold already purchased stock?
  4. Does Courses available in the market for traders actually work?
  5. What is behavioural analysis?
  6. What is the practical strategy of a professional trader?    
  7. Which segment is good for trading for a common man?
  8. What is Instant Gratification?
  9. On what basis buying and selling is done?
  10. What is Sunk Cost Fallacy?     

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