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March | 2016 | Nifty Millionaire
Monthly Archives: March 2016

Taxation Simplified

Traders, I have been trading personally for a very long time and the tax filing times have always been the most painful part, sitting with a CA and accounting for profits, losses, expenses and others. I was in similar shoes

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Financial Freedom Aab Aasan (Easy) hai

Financial freedom is the ultimate goal of every middle class family today. What do we mean by Financial freedom? It simply means that you don’t have any obligation to follow the instruction of your employer forcefully. You have choices available

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10 Ways to Get Flowing Profits in your Trading Account

Everyday trillions of dollars flow from trader to trader, from market to market. Many traders are just happy to dip their bucket in and take a share each day for them. But where does the money flow? 1) Every day

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The difference between playing Offense & Defense in Trading

The topic of offense and defense is very important for anyone who has come into the market to be a successful trader. To make this point clear what is the offense and defense and the difference between them. Let discuss

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What is Stopping you to achieve Financial Freedom?

Do you find that you are not able to increase your income ? Do you have trust issues because of which you do not go for paid advice ? Do you think that you have enough time to think about

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Checklist before you Invest

A Checklist standardizes the process to ensure that all elements and actions are addressed. If something is complex, making a checklist simplifies it so that you will make lesser mistakes. If you are financially immature, there are two options. Acquire

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How to say Bye-Bye to EMI from your Life Forever ?

Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) has always been promoted as the easy installments by banking and other financial institutions. The truth is this is a new way acquired by institutions to trap middle class so that the banks could earn big

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What is Niftymillionaire’s big idea to improve your Finances in 2016

Niftymillionaire’s came up with this big idea to improve your Finances in 2016 as it is a very important year for the world economy. Entire world is having a very different phase and there is a lot of confusion everywhere.

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Niftymillionaire’s Interview with one of the Youngest Trader Pratik Patel – Host Abishek Raaman

Another wonderful and very useful interview session with Mr. Pratik Patel, India’s successful youngest trader, is here to answer many commonly asked questions related to the Stock market. There are various questions in a trader’s life which have never been

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India’s biggest Live Hangout of Stock Trader Pratik Patel interview brought to you by Niftymillionaire

How to become a successful trader is the question of 90% retail traders. These traders are making huge losses. They want to know the trading techniques, trading strategies, how to put Stop Loss, how to make profit, etc. They have

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You are in Safe Hands

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