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Happy Club members, Now

More than 1000 Club members are our associates now and that has shown their trust on us. They liked our vision of making everyone financially free and are with us to chase the ultimate dream of their life without disturbing their regular life as they just have to invest only 30 minutes per month. They just don't like us in fact LOVE our services.

This growth from inception to liking and then from liking to loving us along with our services did not happen overnight. Scroll down to know what it took us to be at this remarkable milestone.

Niftymillionaire at 1000

"Niftymillionaire took birth to help people to understand how to establish relationship with money and finally assist them to achieve Financial Freedom."

Pratik Patel

Launched in summer 2013, Niftymillionaire came up with this vision to help every middleclass to become Financially Free. What best you can think of where you are getting associated to a system through which you can move ahead with wealth creation along with your regular job/business. An Amazing Mission. We are very determined to achieve that.

Time to 100 Subscribers

7 months



Time to 500 Subscribers

13 months

Time to 1000 Subscribers

11 months


Equity Investor's numbers are adding up

11 million DEMAT accounts in 2012 to 19 million accounts in 2015 shows the trend in growth of common man initiating seriousness to multiply its savings more through financial market. There is still a huge room for more add ups in coming years.

Total Visitors on our website

4,45,000 +

Visitors Per Year

1,72,000 +

Visitors Per Day

1200 +

Achieving Financial Freedom is the biggest need today

Stagnant wages, job insecurity, deteriorating health, society expectation have left people with only option to achieve Financial Freedom (only then one can live life as One Dreams for). Engineers, doctors, bankers, IT professionals, Sales n marketing professionals, shop and showroom owners, insurance agent, govt. servants, Everyone wants to be Financially Independent , There is a bigger opportunity ahead. Don't Miss India Growth Story 2020 !












Customer experience is our top priority

"98.4% of our club members LOVE our services. It is a unique achievement in Indian Finance industry. In lieu of that we have earned wonderful blessings and regards from our customers. Thanks a ton to almighty god to help us with desired strength to serve needy masses."

Abishek Raaman

We pride ourselves to provide great customer service in Indian Finance industry. To respond to existing/non-existing members as soon as possible is our focus. Whether its profit or loss during trade, our Club managers are always sharing and caring. We the help of technological advancement, we are continuously improving our SLAs. Have a Try & Experience Heroic Customer Service.

54 Seconds
5 minutes
15 minutes

Initial Response Time

Our club members are wonderful

11 million DEMAT accounts in 2012 to 19 million accounts in 2015 shows the trend in growth of common man initiating seriousness to multiply its savings more through financial market. There is still a huge room for more add ups in coming years.


Club Members base goes beyond Indian Territory

We have members from outside India too. Our club members are from the below mentioned places. Our Webinars and videos are followed by people from various other countries.

How many state

26 out 29 In India

(not in Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland)

How many countries

Oman, India, Saudi, London, USA, Dubai

First Member Joined Us on 15-02-2013

Niftymillionaire Now

Our Strength, our culture, few faces, our office environment, the technology we are working with, few of vendors and many other things have changed now from when we started in 2013, yet we are here – still bootstrapped, profitable and proud.


Books in NiftyMillionaire Library


Karaoke sessions till now


In-house parties


In-house movie sessions


External trips


In-house speaker system for parties


In–house projector for videos

Our Team

This is the bunch of committed guys who are changing the dynamics of customer service in finance Industry. They are determined to set several examples of Legendary customer experience. This gives Niftymillionaire's team a competitive advantage and we strive to become India's most customer centric Financial organisation.

Niftymillionaire operations

For a small team, it was hell lot of calls, mails, messages and various other activities. We worked with pretty tight schedule sometimes 100 hours a week however it was a fun- filled experience for us to help traders with stress-free and tension-less trading experience.

  • Total emails Processed

    3+ million

  • Total Messages Processed

    2.7+ million

  • Financial Freedom Interactions with traders

    3,60,285 +

  • Total educational webinars done


  • Total no. of traders we educated

    12000 +

  • Total clients who visited our office


  • Times Customers have sent goodies/gifts to our office


  • Times customer walked to our office to celebrate his success in market working with us


  • How many Servers


    (4 in USA + 2 in India)

Fund Growth

"In last two and half years Nifty has moved from 5600 to 7900 i.e. total = 2300 points however we have given a total return nifty point of 2689.5 in the same time period. With our disciplined and relax trading style, we have outperformed Nifty. This is called consistent performance."

Pankaj Kamaliya

Since we are here to help middleclass to create wealth so growth of fund invested in the market through us should grow exponentially has been our strategy and we have been able to accomplish tremendous and sharp up trajectory. The fund performance data is also supported by Contract Notes uploaded on our website.

  • Total amount we helped our members to earn from the market till now

    (taking all the clients and lots traded in consideration)

    147+ Cr

  • Portfolio Growth Since Inception Apr-2013 (Compounding) 

    258.04 %

  • Highest Point Earned in Single Nifty Future trade


  • Average % profit earned per trade

    6.46 %

  • Average lot traded per trade


Our Friends

Our happy Club Members

Our Customers are not human beings, they are p souls who keep showering us with appreciations and blessings and we are growing with wonderful words. We could have never bought such laurels, which can only be earned by sheer perseverance shown here.

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